What is England’s best attacking option?


If Carroll could form a regular understanding with current Liverpool star man Luis Suarez, as all Reds fans are hoping, then this would undoubtedly be in England’s favour too. You see, Suarez, like Rooney, is a skilful striker who would work very effectively when played alongside an out and out goalscorer. An on form Carroll partnered with Wayne Rooney in the England front two could be a very effective proposition for England.

The same could be said of Darren Bent who is one of the best goal poaching forwards in the business. It seems that whichever club team he has played for, if you play him as the last man then he will get goals for the team. This is evident in his current average club scoring record at Aston Villa of 1 goal every 2 games. If Capello is to insist on playing a 4-5-1 then Bent is the striker who should be at the head of the pack with Rooney dropping deeper into a midfield role.

Or, of course, partner Rooney with Bent and if they are able to get a consistent run of matches together in England colours then they should mould into a fantastic goalscoring unit. However, with Capello changing his teams so frequently it is tough for players to get used to playing together, which is really another issue in itself.

Ultimately, something new needs to be done about England’s forward line. The over reliance on Wayne Rooney after Capello has spent nearly 4 years in charge is demoralising for England fans. The England manager needs to try out new options and he did show a willingness to do that in the Bulgaria match, only to backtrack on it for the Wales game and resort to a stale 4-5-1 again. In my opinion, Capello should be trying to partner Wayne Rooney with Andy Carroll or Darren Bent if he wants to play the England staple of a 4-4-2. Or, alternatively, if he is to try a different formation then the 4-5-1 needs to be dropped.

It is far too defensive a formation to be playing against teams like Wales (who nevertheless still managed to dominate the second half of that match, despite not having the same quality of 11 as England). A 4-3-3 plays to a young England team’s strengths with a forward three of Young, Rooney and Downing. So a 4-4-2 or a 4-3-3, it’s up to you Fabio. But, for the sake of England fans everywhere, drop the 4-5-1 idea. It doesn’t work.

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