This Arsenal & Manchester United Target Is Much More Than The Next Mesut Ozil


First things first, is it Goetze or Gotze? There seems to be no real answer online, but one thing that is certain is that Borussia Dortmund midfielder Mario Goetze is the real deal and looks like a real top talent. The 19 year old German has been tipped by many to be a real star and with that tag are many propertied moves to some of the biggest clubs in Europe and in this case it is no different.

The creative midfielder is held in high regard because of his pace, supreme technical ability and his creative flair, the German football system is really cranking out some fantastic talents of late.  He made his debut during the 2009-2010 campaign but it wasn’t until last year that he became a mainstay of the team and the lynchpin of the side.  He helped the side to the Bundesliga title last season and managed an impressive return of 8 goals and 15 assists.  It was widely rumoured that he would move on this Summer with Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger paying particular interest, it was even reported that Arsenal made an offer for the player towards the end of the most recent transfer window amounting to £35million however it was rejected out of hand.

The player and his agent have moved to deny any possibility of a move in the near future, talking to he said:

“Mario will stay at Dortmund, for sure, the next two years….There is no chance of him going to another club this window….This is because he is so young and it is too early in his career for him. The club, the player and his family, we are all of one mind that it is better for him to stay there because he is happy at Dortmund.”.

It is pretty understandable that the player would want to stay for this season at least, the opportunity to represent the club he joined when he was 8 in the Champions League will be a highly attractive proposition.  Whether however he will remain for 2 years as his agent predicts remains to be seen I would imagine there be lots of intense speculation over his future next Summer.  With Bayern Munich also supposedly really interested in his future there could be a three way tussle ready to unfold.

It really isn’t overly surprising either, Goetze is a quality player and for my mind a better player than his compatriot Mesut Ozil who is also a supremely talented footballer.  The German FA’s technical director and former legend in his own right Matthias Sammer has claimed that the youngster is one of the best talents the country has ever had.  The plaudits don’t stop there Franz Beckenbauer has compared the German with a certain Argentine winger:

“It is not possible to stop Mario Goetze….He has the same assets as Messi…There is no one playing better than him….He runs through opponents as though they aren’t there….He is an instinctive footballer, just like Messi.”.

Clearly with such high praise comes a high price tag, when you consider that Ozil cost Real Madrid €15million it seems highly likely that any deal for Goetze will cost an awful lot more with a particularly intense transfer battle to go with it.  Clearly he is just the sort of player that both sides would find extremely useful, Arsenal may have splashed the cash on Mikel Arteta and wrapped up a loan deal for Yossi Benayoun, but long term they need to replace Nasri and Fabregas and Goetze would go a long way to sorting out those problems.

United too have made no secret this Summer of their quest to sign some creative midfield talent, they have looked to sign Samir Nasri, there were mumerings that they were interested in Luka Modric but their primary target was clearly Wesley Sneijder and now that any move for the Dutchman appears to be dead in the water it is very conceivable that they might switch their attention to the German that they supposedly offered £1.5million to Dortmund just to have first refusal on the player.

Personally I would love to see the midfielder in the Premier League, he is a tremendous talent and the more we have in this country the better, he is destined to be a star not only at domestic level, but also on the world stage, he may have remained put so far, but next Summer could be a different story.

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  • David Tully says:

    Hi Joe,

    It is both Götze and Goetze. Goetze is used when you can’t indicate the umlaut over the “o”.

  • Splurggh says:

    It’s Gotze with an umlaut over the “o” hence the “oe” sound. Not that difficult mate.

  • Joe T says:

    Thankyou for the feedback chaps, it is much appreciated! I have learnt something today.

  • Ärsenäl says:

    It’s also not Mesut Ozil, but Mesut Özil or Oezil! 😉

  • lisa says:

    Wow, i like goetze and all.
    But saying he’s better than oezil is insulting to oezil. Just because Goetze at 18 better than Oezil at 18 doesn’t mean it will be easy for Goetze to reach the level Oezil is now, let alone to be better than Oezil in the long run. People forget that Oezil himself is still very young, 22, still developed and show no sign of regression or stagnation.

  • mino says:

    Better than Özil? lol I have a deja’vu feeling.. Marin, Kroos anyone? I’m curious where this kid will be in 2-3 years, he is more overhyped than Neymar.

  • lisa says:

    I don’t get why a very special player like Oezil is terribly underrated in Germany. Every other youngster always rated higher than Oezil. Kroos and Marin used to be rated higher than him. And now Goetze. Who’s next?

  • Joe T says:

    I didn’t mean to criticise Ozil as a player, and I understand your points that be may never live upto his expectation, but if Goetze does do what he is capable of I think he will be superior, not that Ozil is not hugely talented.

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