Why this dynamic duo must help Málaga back onto its feet:


With Málaga being dubbed as Manchester City of Spain, many people are eagerly awaiting to see what type of results the team can produce. There is, in Spain nobody who thinks that they will be challenging for honours, but they might get a place in Europe for next season. Of course, with all that money, ambitions will also steer higher up the ladder as we go. They’ve got an established coach but their biggest problem lays with the fact that they haven’t signed anyone nameworthy in defence. The priorities have solely been on signing up some good players for the offensive side of the game.

Their biggest miss altogether though was, missing out on Javier Pastore and everyone around their camp knows that.

Martín Demichelis, and Joris Mathijsen aren´t really names that scares opposing attackers, as they both might have seen their best days expire. First off, having spent 5 years in Germany you would think that Joris Mathijsen had learned to speak german, but no. And one wonders how he is going to learn Spanish. Especially because language, and body language are two important factors on the pitch:

“Communication is important when you are playing as a defender, there every distraction and every mistake could lead to a goal for the rival. Spanish football is similar to Dutch football, you play back to back football all the time. The only solution to this is to play football the way it should be played and see what happens. This is the way that I´ve played my football for around four years now” – Mathijsen

Of course every up-and-coming team wants a good start but being overambitious won’t lead you anywhere. But under the guidance of Manuel Pellegrini, whom I hope will get the patience needed to produce, and with Fernando Hierro as the sportschief in demand, the team has a good prospect around. And of course they’ve got the Sheik money. But money can’t buy you success, at least until you start to make the right signings. It took a long while for City to become a club that people fear now, so it’s just the same case scenario for Málaga. And most importantly they’ve got to sign the right players, for every area of the pitch.

The defeat at Sánchez Pizjuán will long linger on player’s minds:

“You always want to start in the best possible way, but this is a project that has brought to us many new players and can´t near perfection fast. That night we suffered in defence but we also learned from the mistakes”

As they say, it doesn’t matter if you fail from time to time,  the important thing is that you get back up.

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