Is there ANY excuse for his behaviour?

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For a player that possesses such a great deal of talent, not to mention a very healthy contract, Carlos Tevez has found a remarkable amount to complain about since arriving in England. First came the move from West Ham to United, which involved questionable conduct on the part of his agent Kia Joorabchian, then the move to the other half of Manchester and the infamous ‘Welcome to Manchester’ poster, which went down with as much success as Torres’ aim on goal with United fans, and finally his attempts to leave City this summer, and the subsequent ‘eating disorder’ he suffered due to the emotional trauma of it all.

What Carlos may call an eating disorder, most of us simply call over indulgence, yet in an era of over-paid diva footballers, Tevez has managed to surpass even the most outrageous of behaviour this week, by refusing to come on as a substitute during the away tie in Europe to Bayern Munich.

However you look at it, the behaviour displayed by Tevez has been simply deplorable. It was entirely reasonable for the player to state how unhappy he was without his wife and children in England, yet they have since moved over. Every attempt that could be made by Manchester City to accommodate the player has been, yet it has not been good enough.

By refusing to come on as a substitute, Tevez has not only let the club and his team mates down, but also the City fans who have followed the club through thick and thin and given him unconditional support throughout a summer of uncertainty. Tevez may well have been joint top scorer last season with Dimitar Berbatov, but he too has found that this does not warrant a place in the starting eleven when there are players in better form ahead of you. Yet Berba has not behaved in such a shameful way – it does seem hard to imagine anyone refusing to come on if Sir Alex Ferguson requested however – and there is no excuse that Tevez can give to atone for his conduct.

It speaks volumes that a player who has been in England for over five years still needs an interpreter in interviews, and has not bothered to gain a working knowledge of English yet. The commitment shown by Tevez this season has not warranted a place in the starting eleven, and the fact that he was given a chance to play at all should have been something the player took and used to his advantage to prove that he should be starting for City.

Whilst the boy may come under constant criticism in the media for his behaviour, Mario Balotelli used the chance given to him on the weekend by Mancini to come on as a sub and score a brilliant goal, putting City in the lead. The reaction he displayed to scoring was one every city fan will have enjoyed seeing, and his whole performance and attitude had a positive effect on the team. Tevez’ conduct had the completely opposite effect, and City are well within their rights to suspend the player, as has been the case today.

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  • whistleblower says:

    No, City need to off-load ASAP. Top player,but no excusses this time. Let himself and his profession down. However, no doubt a top team somewhere probably in Spain will take him on in Jan.

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