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Now That Arsenal Have Advanced to The Champions League, Is It a Must to Sign This Man?


Now that Arsenal have successfully made it to the group stage of the UEFA Champions League by handily defeating Udinese, they have secured extra revenue for the upcoming season. But, what will Arsenal do with all of these newly earned riches?

Most supporters will hope that they go out and spend it immediately, and not on yet another youngster either. However, could Eden Hazard be worth it all?

The 20 year-old Lille player possesses all of the qualities that Arsene Wenger seems to value. Hazard, is capable of playing as both a winger and as an “attacking” midfielder. With the departure of both Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri, Hazard would likely fill the attacking midfielder role as there were multiple arrivals to the club out wide over the summer.

Wenger may have to splash a little more cash than he would like, however. Lille has been recently recorded as saying they will not sell the young Belgian international at any cost. But, as we all know, everyone has a price, even if Lille also will play in the Champions League.

Lille know that Wenger is not in a surplus of options and has a limited window to make a move. Add that, the known affection for Arsene to raid the French League for talent and Lille likely believe they can net a pretty penny for a transfer.

It is widely believed that there are a number of other positions that the Gunners need to add quality depth to, and much to Mr. Wenger’s chagrin, they likely need to come with some experience. This will invariably up the ante on acquiring and could cut into the transfer funds.

With the limited number of players of such caliber available should Arsenal sign someone with lower potential in order to bring in a cheaper or more experienced player? The past shows us likely not, but then again this may be the most youthful Arsenal side in recent memory and the side have been craving silverware.

Is this the right move for Arsenal? Are there other options you would consider better business?

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