Why Tottenham’s Luka Modric is comparable to David Haye’s ‘pinky toe’:

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The importance of a pinky toe can prove why Tottenham should never sell Luka Modric.

Just as David Haye proved that size does in fact matter (even though this statement could be a problem for some guys to admit) when he failed to beat Klitschko due to an injury in his pinky toe, Luka Modric proved the very opposite throughout the entire Premier League campaign for Tottenham last season.

The pinky toe playmaker produced outstanding performances in virtually every match he played throughout last year, suggesting that the phrase ‘a poor game’ doesn’t exist in his vocabulary.  His flair, work rate, creativity and the undisputed ability to adapt and control most games, could prove to be just as vital for Spurs as a pinky toe apparently was for Haye. In essence Luka Modric provides balance, creativity and flair to this Tottenham side. Hence, keeping Modric this summer is unquestionably one of Harry Redknapp’s greatest Silly Season challenges.

Obviously the Klitschkos of the Premier League will still be around and keep improving. This is a fact that will keep Spurs sweating, however keeping the star players who, in fact, got Tottenham to where they are now, is undeniably just as important.

In a summer where the teams around Tottenham has been heavily linked to practically every world-class player on the market, the lilywhites have mostly been on the other side of the speculations. With Bale and Modric appearing more frequently in transfer gossip columns than Ryan Giggs on the front page of the the Daily Star, the pressure is increasing on Levy and Redknapp to convince the two players that Tottenham is in fact the place to be.

The way to do this is to invest during silly season. Invest in players all of whom would go in and strengthen the team drastically in positions where Spurs failed to convince during the previous season.  Hence also proving to the remaining players and fans that the club will not be pleased just trying to play Champions League football, they want to be playing Champions League football.

One of the biggest worries for Spurs fans is the signal a departure of Modric will send to the remaining players; that Tottenham will never be a big enough club to keep the most important and greatest players, so why on earth should the rest of the players that can play for bigger teams stay with the club?

The saga is far from being completed, as the transfer window’s closing is still months ahead. By the time September 1st has arrived, it is essential that the North London club has managed to convince Modric and the remaining stars at the club, that Tottenham is a club going forward. That the pinky toe eventually will heal and that the Klitschkos of football will have to count on Tottenham being way more than just a feeder club.

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