Why Mancini was wrong and why Balotelli has a big future ahead of him:

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Mario Balotelli's red against Dynamo Kiev sent Manchester City crashing out the Europa LeagueFor a twenty year old who has been in the Premier League for just one full season, it is fair to say that Mario Balotelli has made more of an impression than most.

The media and footballing fans seem to lap up stories of the Italian youngster which paint him in a less than positive light to say the least. In the space of a year, we are led to believe that the boy has racked up an astronomical amount in parking fines, goes to visit the Italian Mafia as often as Colleen Rooney visits Barbados, throws darts and other implements out of windows and carries around tens of thousands of pounds in his car ‘just because he can.’

Yet is this actually the case? The player himself disputes this, admitting that whilst he has done some less than advisable things in his short career, he is far from the ‘unmanagble player’ Mourinho dubbed him as, and has a great deal to give should the chance arise. Balotelli sees himself in the brand of a Didier Drogba and both admires the Ivorian and sees himself in the players’ mould of striker. Balotelli’s team mates have often been quoted as saying they believe more is made of the striker’s personal life and off field pursuits than should be, and that he is hugely talented too.

Micah Richards stated that “He’s got all the talent in the world and, for me, he’s probably the best of his age group that there is.” It does not seem impossible that Balotelli could step up and replace Carlos Tevez should the Argentinian leave City, with performances in the FA Cup final and flashes of his brilliance displayed throughout a debut season that produced ten goals pointing to this.

When jumping on the bandwagon and criticising the player, many people would point to City’s recent game against LA Galaxy where Balotelli was subbed after half an hour, by Mancini who was sporting a face in a shade of purple Alex Ferguson would be proud of, after attempting a somewhat audacious back heel attempt at a goal. But let’s put this into perspective. Saying the young lad was ‘disrespectful’ is ludicrous, with it being no worse than the attempt Arsenal made at scoring a penalty where Pires and Henry tried to pass the ball between them – that was a Premier League game – not pre-season when they were already a goal to the good.

Moreover, should that goal have come off, not only would the crowd at the Home Depot Stadium have been entertained in a somewhat dull game, Balotelli would have been lauded as creative and in line for goal of the season awards before it has even fully begun.

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  • bluemoon70 says:

    As the manager, Mancini has the right to sub a player anytime he wants. I don’t think what Mario did was that big of a deal, but I won’t question Mancini either. Mancini has been trying to work with Mario to make him more professional and responsible, so if he chooses to be extra tough on him, then good. Mario needs to realize it’s not the “Mario Show” all the time.

  • whistleblower says:

    Agreed, mancini overeacted, Balotelli has real ability when subbed City looked toothless in attack. Fergie, Wenger and King Kenney would know how to deal with the player better and any advice or action would be in house and behind closed doors. As stated in the article too many talented City players on Big, Big wages have been exiled to the sidelines by Mancinis ego.

  • Happy To Be Blue says:

    Trashy article. Ballotelli is undoubtedly a prodigious talent. Mancini is a fantastic manager who does not not drop people into the reserves on a whim. The players you mention who are playing in the reserves are there because they are not (or have stated that they do not want to be) part of the project.

    The project is going well and I think Ballotelli will see plenty of first team action this year.

  • Darryl says:

    Absolutley agree.
    Give the lad a chance and he’ll be the world’s best in a year or two. Hope he doesn’t go the way of Roinho- they have a similar attitude.

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