The capture of Stewart Downing from Aston Villa is Liverpool’s third major signing this summer following the acquisitions of Charlie Adam and Jordan Henderson as Dalglish’s revolution gathers momentum. These signings mean that the Anfield faithful should expect a  top four finish next season and here’s why.

Whisper it quietly but Liverpool’s  squad has strength in depth. Yes that’s right Liverpool have strength in depth. Unlike the Benitez era where the Reds had a first XI to beat anyone, but injuries, usually to Gerrard or Torres would often leave them looking second rate there is now genuine cover all over the pitch.

For the first time since the Fowler/Owen years Liverpool have two quality strikers and just as importantly strikers of contrasting talents in the form of the powerhouse Carroll and electrifying Suarez. The central midfield, which has been a source of strength down the years, is looking as healthy as ever with the likes of Adam, Spearing, Meireles, Lucas, Henderson all fighting it out for starting places. Gerrard (who will feel like a new signing after his comeback from injury) remains the first name on the team sheet and will be raring to go and reaffirm his world-class credentials.

Downing’s arrival means there is finally the consistent, proven Premier League winger the club have been crying out for donkeys years. James McManus makes the point in his blog that the new signings seem geared to bring out the best in Carroll. Whilst there is an element of truth in this it must be noted Adam and Downing have the ability to win games through their own individual ability, with or without Carroll in the team. Even the much maligned but undoubtedly talented Cole and Aquilani remain although in all probability their services would best be utilised elsewhere.

In defence the ever-reliable Carragher remains to marshal proceedings, with Glen Johnson adding defensive solidity to his explosive attacking ability. However the real bonus for Dalglish has been the emergence of the youngsters, particularly Flanagan and Kelly. The two acquitted themselves brilliantly throughout last season and will only get better next year, meaning Dalglish can call on the pair and rely on them to do the business. Factor in to all this the League’s best goalkeeper and the possibility of more signings and the picture looks very bright indeed.

With such an array of talent, Dalglish can rotate accordingly game by game and has a variety of tools at his disposal to exploit the opposing team’s weaknesses. The obvious caveat to all this, is the possibility that the new signings fail to deliver on their potential. The Robbie Keane fiasco still has fans breaking out in a cold sweat in the middle of the night and the thought of history repeating itself would send shivers down any Reds fan’s spine. Henderson remains the biggest gamble as a raw yet relatively unproven talent, but with Dalglish’s track record of getting the best out his players the former Sunderland man shouldn’t be written off as an expensive flop so soon.

Yes none of the signings this summer can be described as marquee and Liverpool naysayers will scream off scousers getting carried away once again on a crest of good feeling . It is true another poor start to the season would have the wolves circling quickly, but the difference this time is the optimism around the club is grounded in realism, particularly if you consider the clubs form since January.

Talk of the title is still fanciful to say the least, Liverpool would need at least another couple of players of the calibre of Suarez and Gerrard before even considering such a notion.Yet anything less than a fourth place finish next season, even with the acceptance it will be more competitive than ever, will seen as a huge disappointment.  The perpetual gloom which has hung over Anfield the last two years has lifted and as the song suggests says at the end of the road there may well be a silver sun and a golden sun. are seeking new writers to join the team! If you’re passionate about football, drop us a line at “” to learn more.

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  • red33 says:

    To all reds-Frankly i’m kinda disappointed with that amount of money we paid for these average players but i’ll pray hard they perform to our expectation and get to the top of the league,I wonder what you reds think of the fees we paid for these players compared to those that most of us link to with better qualities ?

  • hen says:

    Lets be honest, Liverpool are aiming to stay in the top half of the premier league table. They’ll be lucky if they’re not relegated. The real expectation is arsenal to win cups and trophies. Man City to be a top competitor and Man U and Chelsea to try and stay on the top with so many clubs wanting a piece of glory. Liverpool are in the recovering stage of a truly devastating blow, while they do recover there are more important things to think about, especially the rise of quantity of teams that plausibly have a chance to win something, especially the premier league. After next season the premier league will once again be unchallenged in its name of the worlds most challenging, skillful league.

  • michael says:

    what are you smoking hen. league getting worse the last two years thats why it seems so competative. man u and chelski are poor compared to a few years back. liverpool have a great chance of winning the league as man u proved last year you can win the title with a half decent side and lots of self confidence.

  • hen says:

    True say michael but as long as blind managers (arsene wenger) who refuses to accept defeat and buy world class experience players| and naive managers with rich clubs who feel the need to excessively pay lowly talented footballers (robert mancini) the premier league will always lack in talent and skill. However the league must not be underestimated as teams like tottenham are easily capable of rising to the challenge against foreign teams, keeping the average standard of a team in the premier league high.

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