Why Liverpool fans are right to feel good about the future of their club:


It’s been exactly two months since Liverpool played Aston Villa at the end of the 2010/11 premier league season. A lot has changed in the last two months though and if the two teams were fielded against each other now they would look very different. Liverpool fanshave had much to talk about of late. It has been an exciting time for Liverpool Football Club, we have seen changes in players and management and even changes in attitude. For the first time in many years fans feel that next season is really going to be amazing for us, and why not, a revival has taken place.

I live in South Africa, a country which (like most) has no shortage of Liverpool fans. I love Liverpool and the English Premier League so much that I want to live in England one day just to be at the heart of it. I’m not undermining fans from around the globe in any way, we have solid supporters here too. From guys with LFC tattoos to others who write columns for Liverpool websites. Supporters across the globe are informed and know just as much as the real Scousers do about the ongoings at Liverpool. Just earlier I was joking with some friends about playing a 3-6-1 formation because of our well stocked midfield. That is the thing about Liverpool, it brings a passion like no other club. I have often nearly found myself in tears watching the Kop sing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ on a big European night, or found myself ecstatic for weeks after a victory over United. In the age we live in fans have more access to the club than ever before. This however does not change the fact that I have never been to Anfield and never watched a live Liverpool game. I’m hoping to alter that soon though because one of my greatest fears is that Liverpool will leave Anfield before I get to stand in the Kop.

Spirits have been lifted even higher since the second half of last season. As if the great revival under King Kenny wasn’t enough, we have even more to be excited about now. With some new players and a restored style of ‘LIVERPOOL’ football, next season is going to be a cracker. I can’t wait to see whipped in crosses from our left winger (something which we’ve been lacking for a while) Downing, headed into the back of the net by our massive target man Carroll. If the second half of last season is anything to go by, which I believe it is, next season should be phenomenal.

Most Reds fans don’t want to set their expectations too high, I feel that we should definitely have high expectations or hopes rather. There are at least 6 clubs in the Premiership now who are well capable of finishing in the top 4 and obtaining a Champions League spot. It is critical though that we get back into the Champions League. Liverpool definitely has the depth to do this now although there are still one or two positions which are being addressed, like left back. Even still, as our squad stands I feel that we should not only be pushing for a top 4 finish, but for the title.

It has become a reality to me that next season could be Liverpool’s season. Suggestions have also been made that the exclusion of European football will assist us. Critics said that Liverpool will battle to sign good players because of the lack of a Champions League place, but look at us, we have already lured in some big names. At the end of last week, Liverpool was linked with Sevilla star Jesús Navas, a right-sided midfielder, who I have for a long time dreamed of us signing. A few months ago, if I had heard that, I would have thought to myself ‘ahhh, he wouldn’t come to Liverpool now’. After all the recent activity at the club I just smiled and thought ‘I hope there is truth to that rumour, he would be brilliant at Liverpool’. The spirit of the club and its supporters has been raised exponentially in the last couple of months. I’m sure that you, along with me, really cannot wait for Saturday the 13th of August when we take on Sunderland at Anfield.

It feels as if the pendulum is finally swinging back to Liverpool. Every team has it’s time. Sadly much of my upbringing has been in an era dominated by Manchester United and the last time Liverpool won a league title was the year before I was born. There is a sense though that the glory days are upon us again. No matter what happens, I will always love Liverpool Football Club and my blood will remain Red forever.

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