Why haven’t Arsenal signalled their intent in the transfer market?


A season that promised so much at one point ultimately ended in frustration and disappointment for Arsenal.  Arsene Wenger manager for Arsenal vowed to dust of the cheque book and reinforce his underachieving squad with experienced and quality signings, in order to mount a serious challenge next season both domestically and in Europe.

Good news indeed for any Arsenal fans out there, some of whom must have been wondering towards that end of last season, had Arsene lost the trust and understanding he had with the squad and maybe even some fans? The results and performances under Wenger from March to May suggest that the players were no longer playing for Wenger or the badge but instead just going through the motions until the season finished. This attitude from the players killed any chances the gunners had of putting a shiny new trophy in the cabinet and ending a barren run of six years without silverware at the club.

Officially the transfer window has only been opened a few days, but that hasn’t stopped teams such as Man United, Man City, Liverpool and even Sunderland from getting their transfer business out of the way early.  Giving any new signings the best chance to get accustomed to their new surroundings and being part of a full pre-season is vital for a smooth transition of any new acquisition.

Arsene Wenger had also gone on record stating that Arsenal would spend big and get any transfer activity done early.  Clubs up and down the country returned during the week for pre-season training and Arsenal were no different.  But Arsenal started with the same core group the finished the season in such a dismal fashion. This is not a signal of intent on Arsene Wenger’s part and so far any marquee signings have failed to materialise. Instead of looking towards investment in the squad, Arsenal fans already feel alienated from the club with increased ticket prices now worry the opposite will happen, a player exodus.

Arsene’s activity in the transfer market has now taken a different interpretation; the activity is now focusing on keeping his established stars at the club. Already Gael Clichy has followed the money bags up to Manchester, another rumoured deal close to completion is Samir Nasri to one of Man United or Man City, along with the annual Fabregas to Barcelona headline that is regurgitated regularly by the press.  Also rumoured to be following these three high profile talents out of the Arsenal exit door is Denilson and Nicklas Bendtner due to lack of first team action.

Currently without the exit of Nasri and Fabregas, Arsenal still need at least three players who are of starting quality, a centre back to partner a fit again Thomas Vermaelen, a defensive midfielder to complete with Song and offer a bit more protection of the back four and a striker that can offer pace, assists and most importantly goals in the attacking third.

Improving on a side that finished fourth last season, will require a minimum three players, if all the nonsense going on regarding the inevitable Fabregas and Nasri departures this summer comes to fruition, that would leave Arsenal severely lacking in terms of star quality to choose from and would require Wenger to abandon his normally stringent transfer policy (Which I don’t see happening).

If Arsenal loses Nasri and Fabregas, this could lead to other players jumping ship as they could also see it as a case of the club failing to match the player’s ambition. In order for Arsene to develop the team into strong resilient title contenders he must keep his best players along with improving the squad.

Some people could argue that instead of a wow factor signing, Arsene should promote members of the youth team, but this is the policy he has adopted for the last number of trophy-less years, and now is the time to add some proven winners of quality to the talented gunners. Is there still trust amongst Arsenal fans that Arsene Wenger is the man to turn their fortunes around? If the investment does not happen and the exodus of players currently talked about happens, Arsenal will struggle to finish in the top four and will endure what will be a seventh season without a trophy. are seeking new writers to join the team! If you’re passionate about football, drop us a line at “” to learn more.

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  • leitrimgooner says:

    Im starting to get sick of all this talk and no action everybody in the world knows what arsenal need to start winning trophys a goalkeeper two centre halfs a definsive midfielder and a ruthless striker to put away all the chances arsenal create come on wenger sign up five or six players quickly and give us a summer we can enjoy im sick of all the sinking ship jibes already

    team for start of season

    sagna cahill samba verm
    Walcott jack w scott parker arshavan/Gervinho
    RVP Benzema

    Can you imagine those two up front and with the spine of the team we would not conceed many goals
    let fabregas go im sick of barcelona players everyday in the papers talking shit they must have the jurnos on speed dial and nasri can fuck off aswell it wuold take me two many years to earn what he does in a week deninson diaby bentner vela nasri and fabregas wold cover the cost of the investment

    • keian says:

      Yea i agree with most but this would be my team,
      Sagna Cahill Samba Bains
      E. Hazard J,Mata



  • damned says:

    Cause the board and the manager on vacation…

    They will be right back the end of July.

  • AHMEED says:

    Because Wenger is not ready to block the progress of the young guns the club are nurturing for MANCITY and BARCELONA.


  • AHMEED says:


  • kunzel says:

    So many foooooooooooooools here. why dont you find something else doing rather than moan all day about arsenal, bunch on goats.

    • Spectrum says:

      Kunzel – Why don’t you use your brain, if you even have one ? If we “moan”, it’s because the board and manager give us good reason to moan ! Does that simple fact not compute with you ?
      “In Arsene we rust.”

  • Lewis says:

    clichy went before he was pushed – simple.

    @ damned, wenger was no in corsica as rteportted yesterday, in fact he was at London Colony, pics on if you ever go on there

  • cin says:

    Who think Arsenal fill finish first in the league.

    Arsenal is not going to win anything under Wenger.

    Why one club needs to spend big if the club concentrate only on profit and business.

  • Bigars says:

    Yes until this bullshit manager is shiped off the club will continue going downward.Arsenal fans shouldn’t allow this.Local supporters should protest at the emirates during the up coming emirates cup.We foreign fans have nothing to do except making our voice heard through press.Epecially hear in Africa many of us are suffering from heartache due to one man’s philosophy.Even there is a fan who killed himself by anger! Wenger’s anger is going to be the second killing disease next to malnutrition especially in east Africa.

  • Moses Watasa says:

    It is the year 2011. An Arsenal FC plane is flying – high up in the air. The plane is apparently on auto-pilot – the Pilot, (a one Ass-ne Venga) is in deep slumber. His ‘co-pilots’ (the Board of Arsenal FC) are deeply snoozing and hallucinating – they are dreaming big, visualising a huge feast courtesy of the wind-fall from the sales of the club’s star players. Meanwhile, from it’s sound, the plane (Arsenal FC’s) engine has clearly developed a fatal break-down. An armageddon-like plane-crash from high altitude is inevitable. Uneasy, sensing an imminent tragedy, the cabin crew (Nasri, Clichy, Walcott, Fabregas etc) are secretly but hastily collecting parachutes – preparing to jump to safety. Curiously, the plane’s loyal ‘passengers’ (fans of Arsenal FC) are lost in song – blaring out their favorite – eternal tune – “In Arsene We Trust”.

  • RidgeGooner says:

    Look at it another way…. life is always’s about ‘just IFs’, but Arsenal were firing until the Carling Final. IF in the last minutes those two numpty’s hadn’t let Birmingham score the winner, we definitely would have been even more fired up, stringer minded, full of belief etc etc. What may that have given us? 2nd place in the league as well at least. Even with that minimum we would be League Runners Up, Carling Cup Winners and may, must may have got past Barca in the CL… who knows?…. all because of the couple of numpty’s at the back. That single moment that toppled the season.

  • Paul O'Brien says:

    Thanks for the responses, I wrote the piece putting myself in the position of an Arsenal fan and how I would react to the situation going on in north London. Granted in the last few days Wenger has started to invest in the squad but this will only cover the departures and Arsenal will still be somewhat short. Don’t get me wrong I think Arsenal are a great team they just need a little tinkering to help get over the mental block of another trophy-less season. Arsenal can finish in the top 4 & add some silverware to the cabinet as I still think they we outperform the likes of Spurs and Liverpool, and they can beat anyone on their day, but as I said in the article that can only be achieved with quality replacements for the departures. Wenger also deserves another crack at it.

  • mr wenger is damging arsenal….key players are going and no replacement being done….even if will buy some players….he wont bring good one who can settle immediately…he is only looking for french players or players over age or youth…wenger is doing only business.please do go.i dont think this year we wll be in top 4 unless invest in good playrs like shay given,swarzer,cahill,samba,dann,chamberlain,hazzard,parker,and i would say even barton would be good bt not a true fan,,,please wenger I plead u…do something special and great this year otherwise other good players will leave the boat.i agree with players that r going,they r not getting any trophies here.every year key players r going

  • kunzel says:

    keep moanning

    • Spectrum says:

      Kunzel – Still searching for your brain, I see.
      “In Arsene we rust.”

  • Kunle says:

    Let arsene wenger go 2 hell & burn 2 ashes!

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