Why Harry’s doubts concerning this potential move will come as a relief for Tottenham fans:

Image for Why Harry’s doubts concerning this potential move will come as a relief for Tottenham fans:

I was never really sure why Harry Redknapp was professed to be so interested in West Ham’s midfield-general Scott Parker. It strikes me that despite his quality, Tottenham just don’t need another body in that area of the park. Thus, I was relieved to hear Harry’s recent quotes that suggested Tottenham’s interest in Parker had bottomed out.

Parker isn’t expected to be a West Ham player for much longer, following the Hammer’s descent down into the Championship and is thought to be seeking further Premier League action. Aston Villa are rumoured to have made a £7m bid for Parker, whilst Chelsea are thought to be interested in bringing the English International back to Stamford Bridge.

Parker’s name had also appeared in regular conjunction with Tottenham and Redknapp has made no secret of his desire to bring him to White Hart Lane. Thanks to the finances, however, Redknapp appears to have admitted that such a move would not be financially viable. He told the Sunday Mirror:

“If you take into account the fee of around £8m, signing on fees and wages you’re talking about a £30m deal. There is no way the club would sanction a deal for a 30-year-old who would have no resale value at the end of his contract.”

There has been talks of a potential loan move but I hope that there’s no reality behind them. Even with Sandro’s injury Spurs have plenty of options in that area of the park. Rafael van der Vaart can be pulled back into the centre of the park to play alongside Luka Modric. Then there’s Tom Huddlestone who deserves more game time.

When Sandro returns from injury there’ll be plenty of competition for places in the centre of midfield without having Scott Parker in the squad. Let’s not forget that a loan move also wouldn’t be cheap for Tottenham. Parker’s wages are pretty substantial and West Ham have hinted that a loan move could come with a potential fee.

At the moment, Tottenham just don’t have a need for another central-midfielder. I don’t doubt that he’s talented and plays with passion and grit, but Tottenham already have players on their books with these qualities and more. That’s why, I, for one am glad that Harry has hinted that Tottenham won’t be making a move for Parker.

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  • Ray says:

    Lets be honest, Redknapp’s name has been linked in the media with every Tom, Dick and Harry(no pun intended), home and abroad and it was inevitable that Parkers name would be added to the list. After all he is great friends with Redknapp junior and fat boy Lampard at cheatski and they would do all they can to see that their mate is looked after. No doubts that Parker is a decent experienced player the type that Redknapp likes but even he has finally come to realise that we are over loaded in that department with more than decent enough players who are also younger who are’nt getting a game. Who’s place would he take if he ever came on board? The wage bill for the midfield alone would be astronomical. I would’nt be suprised if Levy told Harry not to be an idiot and waste the clubs money on him end of.

  • er says:


  • Acton_Yid says:

    Sandro is out for 3 months, I wouldn’t be surprised if Harry went for a loan deal for Parker, returning him back to West Ham at the end of the season (which is what West Ham would prefer, rather than sell him outright).

  • PotterBarWhite says:

    Ray – you say that it was ‘inevitable that Parkers name would be added to the list’ – I disagree.

    Harry has been after Parker for over a year. He knew how old he was, he knew what wages he was on and he knew the length of his contract. Look back at the numerous news reports – Harry has sounded like he wanted to elope with Parker at times.

    Harry and Levy always leave summer signing late to save money. Harry’s comments are designed to put other suitors off. Spurs will be in for Parker.

    Also, we’re making a lot of noise about Parker being expensive but it’ll be very similar to the deal that Keane is on and the price that we want for him. I think we’re being a bit two faced here and West Sham know it.

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