Why does Cesc Fabregas want to leave Arsenal?


Another Premier League season comes to an end and yet again Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas has made his feelings known that he wants to return to Barcelona, the club where he started as a trainee before Arsenal purchased him at the tender age of 16. Unfortunately for Gunners’ fans, this time it looks like Fabregas really is on his way out. Unlike last year, when Arsene Wenger managed to persuade the midfield maestro to stick around, it looks increasingly unlikely that Fabregas will be pulling on the red and white jersey again next season.

For a start, unlike in the summer of 2010, Wenger has not made any attempt to deny the rumours of Fabregas’ exit and with the midfielder’s own comments in the last few weeks it is clear that he has one foot out the door. Of course, it is far from a done deal yet, Barcelona will need to match Arsenal’s asking price (the Gunners apparently value their No. 4 at around £45 million). However, I expect the deal will go through sooner or later.

This is a worrying time for Arsenal fans with Fabregas looking to be on his way out, plus Samir Nasri, Andrei Arshavin and Gael Clichy all looking unsettled. As such, I thought it would be interesting to examine the reasons behind Fabregas wanting to leave The Emirates for the Nou Camp.

First of all, for all of Arsenal’s inconsistencies this season, it should be noted that they remain one of the top football clubs on the planet; they still secured a top four finish in the most competitive football league in the world, will have Champions League football next season (provided they qualify, as expected) and reached the knockout stages in Europe this year too.

In that Champions League Last of 16 match they took on Barcelona, the current best team in football and the club for whom Fabregas wishes to depart. The point should be made though that Arsenal had a real go at the Spanish champions and gave them probably their toughest games of Barcelona’s entire Champions League campaign.

Fabregas is the captain of this Arsenal team and has been since 2008, which many would say is a distinct honour. As previously stated too, he has been at the Gunners since he was 16 years old and has put in eight years of service for the club, clocking up 212 appearances. On the surface then some would question why he would want to leave the club when he plays such a pivotal role and has been there for so long?

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  • Judith Le'Strange says:

    Can you blame him for wanting to leave to return to a winning club, compared to Arsenal Barcelona have won numerous trophies in the years that Fabregas as been with Arsenal compared to nothing for Arsenal. It will be a shame but we should let him go.

  • graham clarke says:

    arsenal cant do anything about nasari leaving he says not the money double maybe anyway arsenal can do something about fab everyone that work for a living have had to do something they didnt want to for periods footballers life is much better than most and basa is only 2hrs flight if he needs to get away

  • FCBarca says:

    It’s his club, that’s why…Poach & this is what happens

  • Aicher says:

    In answer to the headline

    Because there shit

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