Why Arsenal must bite the bullet and sell this star performer:

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It was no surprise to see Arsene Wenger react angrily to Roberto Mancini’s comments over Samir Nasri last week.

After all, with pundits and former players such as Ian Wright calling Arsenal ‘Man City’s feeder club’, it was only a matter of time before Wenger would reach boiling point.

The two clubs have done plenty of business together in the past. Gael Clichy recently joined the Eastlands-revolution, whilst Emmanuel Adebayor and Kolo Toure made the move north in 2009. City paid a combined total of £48m for the trio. Quite a price to pay for an out of form left back, a player that’s received a six-month drug ban, and finally an unlovable striker from Togo who even at £180,000 a week thinks the whole world is against him.

There’s no doubting Samir Nasri is a jewel in Arsenal’s under-performing crown, however, if it is to be believed that the player sees his future away from the Emirates, it would be rather foolish of Arsenal to not go down a similar path of the previous three and sell to a club who will pay an extraordinarily inflated price. Certainly a better outcome than losing him for nothing next summer.

You must also take into account Nasri’s form after Christmas. He had an electrifying first half to the season but dwindled as Arsenal’s campaign descended into mediocrity. The possibility of that form continuing into the 2011/2012 season is one that Arsenal can ill-afford. With question marks over his willingness to stay, Wenger must leave all stubbornness at the door, putting aside the fact former players are slaying the Frenchman for selling his best players to City and decide whether Nasri is in it for the long haul.

If he is, then demand Nasri commits to the club. If not, get the Sugar Daddies of City to pay an eye-watering amount of money. I mean if they are willing to pay £22m for Joleon Lescott, Nasri must be fetching a fair bit more.

Arsenal fans probably won’t agree with that view and will take the line ‘You don’t let your best players go’, stating the belief that City will be big rivals next term. However, if the player is going to go next summer anyway, for nothing, what difference does it make?

Cashing in would be the best possible outcome, replacing him with someone who actually wants to wear the red of Arsenal. That’s presuming Arsene would get his chequebook out of course…

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  • Eidur says:

    I don’t think he will leave. If/when Fabregas goes, the news will shortly be followed by ‘Nasri signs new contract’

  • CityB£ue says:

    Either we get him now for £20M or for free next year, its really a matter of time. £20m isnt decent for a player on the final year of his contract. Both clubs win, if Nasri wants to come to man city next year, that arsenal £20m loss, we can give him a BIG sign-on bonus, he is too good to stay at a club that hasnt won anything since he has joined.

    • Eazzie says:

      What makes u think you’d win something this season? Dont be so fooled with the arrays of ‘stars’ you think you’ve got! They are not different from what you have at Southampton! Besides, your team is becoming a trash site for players and I think you need to have the head of your manager examined!

  • matt says:

    good one eidur….moron

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