What to make of the rumours of a mass exodus at Arsenal?


So far, it’s been a pretty underwhelming summer from an Arsenal point of view. After their failures last season the Gunners are in desperate need of adding to their squad if they are to seriously challenge for honours next term, a football bet bwin will give you long odds for. Yet, we’re into July now and most of the rumours concerning Arsenal involve players leaving the club, rather than joining it. Given that their longest serving player Gael Clichy has already left the club for Manchester City, it’s understandable that some fans are growing agitated. So is there genuinely this much discontent inside the Arsenal camp or has this negative energy mostly been cooked up by the media?

There’s been a fair amount of frustration amongst Arsenal fans concerning a recent story in the Press that suggested their winger Theo Walcott had become a major transfer target for Chelsea. That added him to a large list of players who were linked with a move elsewhere, or were agitating for a transfer. Amongst these players include Cesc Fabregas, Samir Nasri, Andrey Arshavin, Denilson and Nicklas Bendtner. It’s fair to say that these players make up the spine of this Arsenal side. If the Gunners can’t hold onto the majority of them, they will struggle in a big way next season.

Let’s face it: there’s not too much happening in the football world so it doesn’t surprise me that the Press are rummaging around for various things to talk about and conjuring up stories that have little precedent or factual basis. The same is even more true when it comes to Arsenal; fans are desperate to hear of their teams progress in the transfer market and latch onto any details available to them.

Arsene Wenger is not without his faults; this is something that has been made clear over the course of the past few seasons, but he is without doubt one of the most intelligent men plying their trade in the Premier League. He knows exactly how important particular players are for this Arsenal side and will have a back-up plan for each should they decide to move on. But who is likely to move on this summer? It’s fairly certain that Theo Walcott will remain an Arsenal player. He gets decent game time and has earned Arsene Wenger’s trust. Cesc Fabregas has courted Barcelona for quite some time but they appear to be unwilling to put up a fair amount of cash for his services and he’s under contract until 2015. Andrey Arshavin looks likely to remain an Arsenal player. Samir Nasri may well leave this summer, but given that he has already burnt plenty of bridges with the Arsenal faithful I’m not sure too many will mourn his absence. As for Nicklas Bendtner and Denilson: who cares? As I see it, rumours of a mass exodus at Arsenal are somewhat misleading. Wenger will be keen to keep hold of his best players and won’t let them slip through his fingers. The Gunners remain in a position of power over most of their stars and will be keen to build upon last season in the hope of success next year. For the time being I’d try to avoid too pessimistic an outlook and simply wait to see how Arsenal’s dealings balance out when the transfer window slams shut. Follow @ThePerfectPass on Twitter for details on all the latest updates and various football-related musings. are seeking new writers to join the team! If you’re passionate about football, drop us a line at “” to learn more. To have a peak at the top SEVEN available FREE TRANSFERS this summer, click here. Or to have a look at 10 ways a football lover can spend this summer, click here!

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  • hec says:

    Whats this , If we cant keep hold on Denilson,Bendtner, Arshavin, Arsenal will struggle in a big way ” what planet are you on ?

    weve been trying to get rid of two of them for years.

  • What people have in plenty is ability to forget quite easily. Even at this point in time they have already forgotten that their manager is such an intelligent man. Don’t get me wrong. He’s only human & so can & has made made mistakes before. But one he just can’t afford to do is to lose Cesc & Nasri @ the same time. It just can’t happen. It’s just that the media just loves to go crazy about Arsenal. It’s true there’s anxiety among the Arsenal faithfuls, given their dismal end to last season & it’s understandable that fans are desperate to see new faces arrive. But what they don’t have to doubt is the ability their manager has to manage his squad. He knows the players more than anyone else, that’s why he’s relaxed, while the media tries to paint something of a crisis at the club. I’m sure new players will come in before the start of the season, and others after the start, but again Arsenal fans need to understand that apart from United, the rest of the clubs in the country haven’t moved that much, so Arsenal aren’t the odd man out yet. Gervinho clarified that only a few details remain for the deal to go through, & others will follow. By the time the season starts, such anxiety will be no more, I’m convinced.

  • fred07 says:

    Hec, Wenger’s biggest failure is that he still hasn’t got rid of Denilson, Bendtner, Diaby and Almunia. I think he overrates them so much he is afraid of losing them, ehh…

  • Wolfgang Senor says:

    As we all know Arsenal have been having a C class defence compared to the top teams.If Wenger is serious about competing for the title,he should do what is needed.
    If not ,the gunners will fall behind and don’t be surprised they will slip out of the top four. You never know thanks to Wenger’s king sized ego.
    Six years without a trophy is not good enough for a club of Arsenal’s stature. If it is seven years,expect fans to bay foer Wenger’s blood.

  • Who is Wenger? SACK HIM AWAY. Then bring in new coach he will carry arsenal along. He only bring french players to arsenal and each season they always turn against him. he be sacked. my ququestion is if leaves arsenal fc will the club die?

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