What further work needs to be done to this Manchester United squad?


More so than any other British club this summer, Manchester United have been surprisingly pro-active in the transfer market. Whilst the likes of Arsenal and Chelsea have remained dormant, or at the very least been biding their time, the Red Devils have secured the signings of three quality players. Phil Jones, Ashley Young and David De Gea are three players that are sure to have a huge impact on the Premier League next season. With that said, however, is Sir Alex Ferguson’s work in the transfer market complete?

Towards the end of last season Ferguson claimed that he would make three new signings over the summer. He told Reporters: “I’m looking at possibly a couple, maybe three signings, which would boost our overall quality in the team.” Given that he’s already completed three signings, are we to conclude that Manchester United’s work in the transfer market is over?

Whilst it’s obvious that Fergie had an over-arching transfer scheme for the summer, it’s not so clear to see which of his signings met with this plan and which didn’t. Whilst he would have had David De Gea on his radar, I’m not so sure that the signings of Ashley Young and Phil Jones were ones he was expected to make at the beginning of the summer. For instance, he could have been planning to purchase Jones next year, when the centre-back had had more time to mature, but bids from other sides may have forced his hand.

If this were to be the case, as I think is rather likely, then Sir Alex Ferguson must still have work to do this summer in the transfer market. Given that he usually comes out and says when Manchester United have completed their summer’s business, I’d expect the Red Devils to make at least one more signing.

If this is the case, it’s imperative that Manchester United focus on shoring up the centre of their midfield. Their deficiencies in that area have been well documented, so it’s not really worth going over it again; suffice to say: with Paul Scholes’ retirement, someone has to be brought in.

Whilst Samir Nasri has predominantly played down the wings for Arsenal, his favoured position is actually in the centre of the park. He has the creative vision and technical ability to leave his mark at Manchester United. There are two problems however: I’m not sure that he shares Paul Scholes’ competitive nature and I’m sure that Arsene Wenger wont want to sell a top player to a rival team.

For these reasons, if Manchester United’s work in the transfer market continues, I hope they step up their pursuit of Inter Milan’s Wesley Sneijder. Given that Tottenham are standing by their claim that Luka Modric is not for sale, the Dutchman appears to be the best possible option. Not only is he a fantastic all-round player, but his winning-mentality is sure to make him a hit at Manchester United.

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  • james says:

    DE GEA 18m



    PASTORE 35m SNYDER 35m


    COST 118M

    BERBATOV 15m
    GIBSON 5m
    CARRICK 10m
    WELLBACK 12m
    DIOUF 3m
    OSHEA 5m
    BROWN 3M
    EVANS 5M

    COST 65M



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