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Is this the ONE thing that Manchester United need to go all the way next season?


Why a new creative central midfielder could prove to be invaluable in Manchester United’s quest to conquer domestic and European football.

The Red Devils have started silly season as strong as they finished the Premier League season, having previously added Ashley Young, David De Gea and Phil Jones to their already exceptionally strong squad. The one position they have yet to find anyone for, however is the central and attacking midfield position. This is surprising since this would be the position one would assume to be the most vital to cover for the reigning English champions.

With Paul Scholes’ retirement, the central midfield is starting to look increasingly weak compared to the competing teams around Manchester United, both domestically and in Europe. Particularly for a team who likes to play with three central midfielders in the biggest games, it is starting to look like they’re in as much need for a new addition to that position as two hundred former employees of NOTW are in need of a new job. Sadly it isn’t as easy to find a world-class playmaker at, as it is to find a job there.

Sneijder, Modric, Pastore are just some of the names mentioned in the ongoing saga, with Sneijder looking like the most likely option at the moment.

The position could prove to be as vital for Sir Alex to cover as his desire to retain the premiership crown. Looking into who Manchester United already have to play in those three midfield positions it is looking rather thin compared to the competing teams around them.

Michael Carrick all too often prefers to pass to defenders, or every now and then to another midfielder, so long as the respective midfielder is further back on the pitch than him.

Park Ji-Sung may run and run, but so does Haile Gebrselassie and not that even there aren’t too many clamouring after his signature, despite his rather big name and ditto reputation in the long distance running circles. Also looking at Giggs who is not getting any younger and Gibson, who likes to shoot, but isn’t really that good at it, the need for some creative force in the central midfield is verging on severe.

To be fair, the players above do indeed have some genuine quality, I mean, Sir Alex wouldn’t have played them year in and year out in trophy winning sides if not. Nevertheless, with the enormous amount of creative and attacking force the devils now have going forward, with the likes of newly purchased Ashley Young along with Nani, Valencia, Rooney, Hernandez and Berbatov, one can’t fail to realize the significance of these players receiving suitable service in order for Man United to maximize the potential of this magnificent attacking power.

With the arrival of Sneijder (as he’s looking the most likely to join at the moment) the distribution to the front men would represent a massive threat. Even though there could be some question marks regarding his work rate, and that some fans have raised a concerned voice that he might take up some of space around Rooney’s position as the second striker (when they use that formation) there should also be no doubt about the fact that when the devils play with three central midfielders, a creative force such as Wesley Sneijder could be just what United need if they are to continue their winning streak.

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