Is The Tide Starting To Turn For Arsenal?


This Summer could go one of two ways for Arsenal: they could sell a few of their top players and attempt to replace them on the cheap, or they could go out and actually spend some of their cash on really good players, and if recent rumours are anything to go by it seems that they might finally be ready to do the latter.

We are all fully aware how long it has been since Arsenal managed to win anything and although they came close in the League Cup this season, a competition they seemed to be taking more seriously than previous years, they still managed to fall at the final hurdle.

I still find it somewhat strange that so many Gooners thought they had a chance of winning the title at the mid point of the season, yes they were playing some excellent football, but they over looked two key factors, firstly that Manchester United always improve over the 2nd half of the season and secondly the fact that their squad didn’t have enough quality in it to see the campaign out in style. That second problem is one that Wenger really has to address.

Things were looking very gloomy for the North London club at the start of the week, they had sold Gael Clichy with no immediate replacement on the table and it looked as if it was a dead certainty that Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas would also be leaving the club, but what a difference a few days can make.  It still looks as if there is going to be an exodus from the Emirates, but it also appears that money will be spent on top quality replacements.

According to the papers this morning a deal to move Nasri to Manchester City is very close to being finalised, and whilst that initialy appears bad news, there are some positives.  Selling a player in the last year of his contract for more than £20million is quite clearly not a bad piece of business, and if the management team are prepared to spend that money on a good replacement it may potentially be a good move.  Nasri is a player that when on form is one of the best in Europe, but how often does he actually turn in one of these performances?  During the second half of the season they were sadly lacking.

It also appears that the signing of Gervinho is creeping closer to being completed, and although many seem to worry about how effective he will be in the Premier League, I have always said that I would love him at City, I think he will be a top player in England and at £10million I am sure he will be a great signing for Arsenal.

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I am a huge Manchester City fan, but also a fan of football as a game. I like to watch games at all levels, from Blue Square Premier, right up to the Premier League where I have a season ticket at City. I really enjoy writing for This Is Futbol because it allows me to give my thoughts on the very latest pieces of football news. I also run for all things Manchester City.


  • The Noise says:

    Obviously this article was written before Wenger’s comments on Friday… Gibbs replacing Clichy… TV5 being like ‘a new signing’… We MAY add 1 or 2…
    Does that sounds like the actions of a club that’s going to spend any money?

    Thursday night football next season… If we’re lucky!

  • cpjt says:

    If you want a manager who spends more than the teams around him every season then support Spurs instead. Better to use the money the club has wisely when a player who improves the team does become available; as opposed to spending as much as possible each year on whoever’s ‘hot’ at that point in time. Yes, Spurs spend more than Arsenal each year, and have a higher churn amongst their playing staff, but they always finish below Wenger’s men.

    Otherwise support one of the two teams that have a rich owner, or the team who can generate much more money than we can commercially.

    Arsenal have no right to finish in the top 4 year after year whilst they pay off their stadium debt. Quite how Wenger does it is miraculous.

  • Sammy says:

    Time and again we’ve hoped Wenger would invest in the team. We’re not asking Wenger to go crazy like Chelsea or Man City; just hoping that he reinvests the proceeds from sale of players such as Adebayor, Toure, Flamini, Hleb, etc. Does it happen? No! For every step ahead, Arsenal have been taking two steps backwards. In the meantime, Arsene wenger and the board indulge in a mental masturbation about the profits they’ve turned in.

    • Fat Frank says:

      Money gained from Adebayor & Toure (£28m) spent on Vermaelen (£10m), Koscielny (£10m) & Squillaci (£4m) + increased wages of players at club. Flamini left on a free. Money has been spent

  • callygooner says:

    Look no-one wants silly spending but if as stated Wenger underspent by 30 million last year taking account of sales, then he has 45 million this year before sales.Even with wage adjustment, and remember Fabrigas is on 110 thousand pounds per week for 4 more years, which means a further22million on the books. we have a lot of money available.
    My worry is the failure of Reyes has scared him. His comfort zone is at the cheap end of the market where a good buy makes him a genius and a bad one goes almost un-noticed by the media,i.e Squillaci for 5/6 million

  • James Meredith says:

    If Wenger doesn’t buy quality and experience,the gunners will be in serious trouble of sliding out o the cl.Don’t talk about winning the title for I feel the gap with the others is too far. His phillosophy aint working what makes him think it will work this coming season?
    If the money is there and the gunners can’t compete,he should be axed.

  • James Muthu says:

    Fully agree with Sammy.If Wenger continues his buy kids and let them play in the epl,he is duluding himself. Playing in other leagues and not in the epl is a culture shock.Why?
    It’s akin to driving in a two lane road in a village. You are now driving in an expresway/autobahn. Vvehicles appear out of nowhere and are flying.Tour judgement could be impaired.In other words you may be the big fish in a small pond but in the epl you would be shocked at the number od big fishes.Not to say there could be piranhas snapping at your heels as you attempt to make the pass or shoot.

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