Can This Liverpool Legend Ever Be Forgiven For Crossing The Divide?


When Michael Owen started playing football he was a natural, having been blessed with all the components to potentially become a top level English star, breaking numerous goal scoring records in his youth and being tracked by all of England’s biggest clubs. Liverpool nurtured him astutely; he was nicknamed by fellow Liverpool youth players as ‘the chosen one’ and ‘the golden boy’

Soon enough Michael had made an impact for the club, after making his debut at the tender age of only 17 years old he terrorised defenders with his blistering pace and coolness in front of goal.

Following on from his explosive start Michael guided Liverpool to a historic treble in 2001, Owen was then let loose on the international scene with England and became one of the most talked about players in the world.

After winning the coveted European Player of the Year Award and with Liverpool on the slide looking for a new manager he decided to take the plunge and join the ‘galacticos’ of Madrid. Whilst in Spain although scoring almost one goal in every two starts statistically, Michael’s family desperately missed home.  Liverpool Football Club the destination he craved, ‘if I had a choice Liverpool would be perfect’

Whilst everyone seemed to pin Michael once again as a Liverpool player, the shock was confirmed that Michael would be signing for Newcastle United, who offered considerably more money to Real Madrid than Liverpool.

Reds fans fumed at the fact he did not even try to play hard ball with Madrid and force his dream move through, with Michael again denting his relationship with the fans who adored him by saying ‘he feared for his England career

After a Mixed Newcastle career in which he scored goals when fit but was never actually fit enough to make a good number of appearances on Tyneside, he was once again in limbo as to where to resurrect his career.

Again Liverpool rumours were rife, this time though fans were truly divided equally to whether they would have him back again. As a free transfer surely Michael would have created millions of pounds marketing wise to pay for his contract wages, to me it was a no brainer!

However with his poor injury record and previously choosing England over his club career, Benitez decided not to push forward a move as he was to do with Robbie Fowler, another Liverpool legend.

Michael was then stuck with choosing to join some lesser appealing clubs than his previous C.V. boasted. Eventually Michael accepted Sir Alex Fergusons offer and crossed the hot coaled divide between the North West giants.

In doing this Michael must have known that any fond memories kopites had would surely be extinguished, or at the very least, tarnished. Michael further added flames to the fire with comments stating ‘everything about the club is top notch, from the top right to the bottom, it is second to none’.

After Manchester United took Liverpool’s crown as the most successful English league champions, he said ‘it is great to be part of this history’

In my opinion I would have accepted Michael back at the end of the season again as a free transfer. But once a further comment came out about how it was ‘the pinnacle of his career’, despite him not making much impact to earn the medal. Mentally, I washed my hands of him for good! are seeking new writers to join the team! If you’re passionate about football, drop us a line at “” to learn more.

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  • Babuyagu says:

    No, he can’t and shouldn’t be forgiven. But this is due to what he said, not what he did.

    He also recently expressed his sympathy to the News of the World. That being the same rag run by the same people who ran the “The Truth” story.

    He doesn’t give a flying f*ck about Liverpool and the supporters. We should treat him with the same indifference. Not that he would care!

  • AreH says:

    Last day of the window Red Baron?? he was sold on the 14.08.2004, we bought Garcia a week later.

    Owen was not a legend, he was a good goal scorer and thats about it. He doesn’t need to be forgiven because we don’t really care either way 🙂

  • AreH says:

    ho by the way, he actually did want to sign a new contract, but only a 1 years extention which Benitez refused and according to that spanish journo mate of his, Benitez seen Owen as his only salable asset to bring in the players he wanted who he brought in on the same day, Alonso and Garcia.

  • Davie says:

    Shite,turd burlar……..

  • Akash @ Super Star FC says:

    DONT vever blame Owen.,..he is one of our legend……Respect him plsssssssssssssssssss!!!
    You’re Still In Our Heart!!!

  • bigpat says:

    he’s just a manc. no pride happy to sit on their bench and kiss their badge. where were you at istanbul.

  • baba alhaji says:

    a legend is a legend…stop askin whether or not he is a legend, he’ll b remembered….cos its crap…he doesnt exist as far as LFC is concerned…he’ll always walk alone..

  • redhed17 says:

    Owen was always more interested in playing for England than for Liverpool. In thinking that way he showed that he never had the passion for Liverpool, or anyone else for that matter. If he didn’t care for the club, why should the fans care for him? Answer, they don’t. Yes, we appreciated the goals, and it was only the goals, because apart from sticking the ball in the net, there is not much else to his game, but you never felt he was part of a team, be that the players on the pitch or the clubs as a whole.

    He made a mistake leaving for Real Madrid, bank balance aside. He did quite well when he played for Newcastle, when he played. 😉 His move to Man Utd has paid off from the championship point of view, though I don’t know how any professional footballer can bare playing so few games, and in signing for Man Utd he burnt any affection a lot of LFC fans may have had for him. I hope the money and the medals console him in his old age because I doubt he’ll be getting any ‘love’ off the fans of the teams he’s played for. Not even the Manc fans.

  • gerrard says:

    owen suck

  • salim carrim says:

    Owen? Who the fuck iss that? Hmmm. How can one do that. Haha. Beside remember the comment. ” I wud like to thank madrid for the opportunity to win the CL. Haha. Egg in the face. Humble pie for breakfast, lunch n Supper! He didn’t win th PL. Poor ass just held the trophy. Contributed shit. Oh yeah not to forget the shit he spoke bout lfc. Suck on ur fake glory

  • lushesturk says:

    he was never a legend legend in the making perhaps then he sold ous out to win the cl one season without him we won it so dont call him a legend that word is used to much

  • jimmy c says:

    Well to be honest never liked the smarmy little toe rag when he was a lfc player and he wasnt loved like god (robbie fowler)who stuck up for the liverpool dockers with stevie mcmanaman,and if the rumour about the builder who worked for owen is true i would have to totally despise him
    and that is before he even went to man ure!

  • Gavin says:

    Tosser………May he Rot in hell

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