Are the Gunners better off without Cesc Fabregas?

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Sì, ja, and oui – in other words, yes. The Cesc Fabregas “soap opera” saga has gone on long enough. It is finally time for Arsene Wenger to pull the plug on the Spanish international and let him return to his boyhood club FC Barcelona.

Fabregas scored 9 goals and had 17 assists in 35 appearances in all competitions for the Gunners last season. What may at first glance appear to have been a fantastic year for Fabregas was anything but. In fact, the past season was a nightmare for both Fabregas and Arsenal. All was good at the Emirates in late February, with the Gunners in line for a possible ‘quadruple’. Then came the collapse of the decade. Arsenal’s season took a turn for the worst on the 27th of February, the Carling Cup Final versus Birmingham City.

A defensive mishap between young goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny and central defender Laurent Koscielny cost Arsenal their first trophy since 2005. Two weeks later, they were all but out of all four competitions. The 2010-11 season marked another trophy-less season for Wenger and Arsenal. At the heart of the problem lies captain Cesc Fabregas. He was absolutely dismal in Arsenal’s Champions League tie versus Barcelona, especially in the second leg which Arsenal lost 3-1, not even managing one shot attempt in ninety minutes of play.

After a summer, that repeatedly linked the midfielder to his childhood club FC Barcelona, Fabregas did not build on his great season in 2009-10 when he scored 19 goals and managed 19 assists. The 2009-10 season saw the midfield maestro unlock Premier League defenses on a regular basis. Many football experts believed that Fabregas would eventually return to Barcelona to run the Catalan midfield. Why Wenger kept Fabregas when he could have sold the player for a fee of £50 million last season I cannot understand. But an even more appalling decision by Wenger was giving the captain’s armband to Fabregas in the first place.

The Catalans are reportedly set to announce the signing of Fabregas for £35 million and Chilean winger Alexis Sanchez from Udinese for an undisclosed fee when the international transfer window opens on the 1st of July.

With Fabregas half way out the door, the Gunners can turn to restructuring their club. A good suggestion for Wenger would be to sign Blackburn Rovers centre-back Christopher Samba to bolster a defense that was missing a physical presence last season. As for how to replace somebody of Fabregas’ stature – that’s another question entirely. The fact remains however, that the Cesc Fabregas saga must come to an end. are seeking new writers to join the team! If you’re passionate about football, drop us a line at “” to learn more.

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  • fred07 says:

    Anyone who has watched Arsenal without Cesc knows his loss will mean serious problems. It’s allright if you haven’t concentrated on Arsenal, but don’t write about it then.

    Arsenal lacks creativity without him, Nasri has 1-2 assists in 40 games, Theo is a runner, Wilshere is too young, Ramsey is not a good passer, Diaby and Denilson are awful, and we won’t replace Cesc with similar quality midfielders (Xavi, Iniesta are not for sale…).

    We have too often lacked a creative edge to break down defenses like Newcastle (0-1, we couldn’t score against them at home!!), imagine what it will be WITHOUT Cesc.

    Cesc has given more assists than ANYONE in the last 5 years (counting only the top5 big leagues, which matter). Someone like Nasri, who had 3 good months in his career, aren’t fit to replace him.

  • larnray says:

    @ fred, Its seems ur the only arsenal fan that knows what cesc is worth, nasir for me don’t deserve the CM/AM role he’s even behind ramsey, he is better on the flanks….. Cesc is an enigma and we deserve his qualities.

  • tim,Nigeria says:

    @fred07…as if u know what’s on my mind for the past few months. we hardly create and scoring chance without cesc. it’s only a fool that will tell u nasri is better than him. nasri can only dance with the ball and can;t bring others into the game unlike cesc. we have a to use the wings very well if cesc is sold or we may not be in top 4.

  • Cleo says:

    Yes wit out cesc we cn do it,though jack is still young he cn cover up that gap and rememmber ricardo is comin “he is great” so there is no need 2 worry @ all.thank u cesc 4 wat u dd 4 us my the mst high bles

  • Rockett says:

    Im so sick of Wenger not buying or selling or doing anything i think he has to go he never makes a decision just look at his history of substitutions i cant remember when he made a tactical sub before the 70 th minute.
    Just buy samba already pay the money get what we need or cahill or sell someone just show us you have sone kind of plan to umprove other than waiting for players to improve and tip taping the ball around instead of shooting it
    In fact im so sick of the side show its ridiculous and embarassing the only purchase is a winger that played for second rate lille the whole season seriously can we step up and buy a rooney a drogba a tevez a marquiz player once in a while may give us what we need to push on again

  • Dave W says:

    Arf Arf Arf, Arsenal are foldig like a pack of cards, all your best players want out, they want to play for a big club. Prepare for mid table mediocrity. you will have a battle on your hands coming top of the bottom. Soon Jack wilshire will see the light and he will be next. You won’t manage without Fabregas, how could you possibly expect to finish higher whe all your best player are hunting for teophies elsewhere. Arf Arf Arf

  • Wolfgang Senor says:

    I believe this season will show that Arsenal will finally slip into mid table mediocre status. The latest is another Spanish kid followed by others with wc potential. We have heard when these kids of mine blah blah.Frankly it hasn’t worked the last five years and why should it blaze off in 2012.
    Arsenal better be worried. All the top teams are are going to get stronger with the infusion of new players. The gunners are going in the opposite direction and it is useless to compare with MU of th 90s when Ince and a few others were
    dumped.Bear in mind these reds were getting old and past their peak. Nasri/Fab have yet to reach their peak.
    Don’t be staggered if the FM resigns somtime or end of the season if the gunners can’t compete. We all know what should have been done.If the gunners can’t compete,the Fm is 100% times 5 responsible.

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