Recently Arsenal and Liverpool football clubs announced their eagerly awaited new second/third shirts respectively for the forthcoming Premier League season, blue is the colour, despite the two clubs being major brands and known globally as teams predominantly with the colours red.

Along with the recycling element in Arsenals kit, these announcements have been met with a somewhat unimpressive, if not angry reaction, especially from Liverpool fans. Fans are reacting and flooding opinion internet pages with such opinions as: ‘why oh why!’, ‘what the hell!’ and ‘Blue! Wouldn’t have that shirt if you paid me!’

Liverpool’s thinking surely has something to do with their new main sponsor Standard Chartereds logo, which contains the newly used ‘cyan’ colour.

I actually think the Liverpool strip is rather nice, being different from standard yellow, red and black elements normally chosen. Although Arsenal have had blue on shirts in the past, this strip seems to have more solid, structured design of blue incorporated into it.

Comments also coming from many forums suggest that Arsenal fans are rejecting the new strip out of hand because they do not like the design, according to Gunner’s spokesperson, the look is based on tradition, saying ‘the diagonal line is based on the Arsenal sun dial square shadow, from  where the club was founded in 1886’. Assuring fans there is reasoning behind the much debated design.

Surely the clubs and suppliers are just looking for a new element of design and green recycling, exploring new ideas based on other designs being tired and exhausted. If clubs went for aesthetically pleasing designs all the time we would lose sight of the tradition needing to be added to keep alive identity.

Tottenham fans who are giving their arch rivals Arsenal  massive stick for the ‘nautical’ design and especially the recycling element should look at the fact that all Nike supplied football clubs will wear recycled bottle made merchandising and Nike should be commended for finding a market where the recycling element can be used popularly and efficiently.

I would hope for a time where all football kit suppliers use recycled materials for their clubs replica kits.

Should it really matter what colour or material the shirts are? After all, from a colour point of view, they are not equal shades of colour to other blue wearing teams, such as rivals Chelsea and Manchester City. are seeking new writers to join the team! If you’re passionate about football, drop us a line at “” to learn more.

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  • steve mcauley says:

    as a Lfc fan, i couldn’t give a toss if we lift the PL trophy wearing puce pink with a lavender dot!!!
    also, i personally happen to really like the new strip!

  • Imran says:

    Our new away strip pays homage to our original colours which were blue! Nothing wrong in that and yes the new strip is very cool. YNWA

  • wd red says:

    Unbelievable. No Liverpool fan from Liverpool would be seen dead wearing this shirt. If you are a Liverpool fan but not living in Liverpool you do not appreciate the day to day rivalry and banter with Everton fans. They might sell this kit abroad but I am sure nobody in Liverpool will buy it. I bet SG and JC will feel foolish if they have to wear this joke of a kit.

    • steve mcauley says:

      could see your point if it remotely resembled the toffee rag but, come on, it’s nowt like it!

    • Royal Red says:

      wd red, i’m from Liverpool and I shall be buying the shirt so you are wrong on that point. Liverpools first colours were blue (they actually wore the kits Everton Left behind when they left Anfield). It wasnt until 3 or 4 seasons later that we changed to red. The ‘blue’ on the kit is nothing like the blue that Everton play in so I don’t see what the big deal is. At the end of the day it’s the Liver Bird crest and that is all that should matter. And if an Everton fan mocks or laughs at me saying that Everton would not be seen dead in Red, I will remind them that the kits Everton played in when they moved from Anfield to Goodison Park were in fact ‘Ruby Red’!!!!

  • jimmy c says:

    Iam a liverpool fan and dont give a toss about the third kit design.People are being blown up in wars and people starving to death in famines and this carry on over a kit get a life!!

    • steve mcauley says:

      HEAVY!! this site is about friendly football banter!
      nobody’s disputing wars and famines mate, in fact we aren’t even talking about them, no need to bring footie into the ‘real’ world!!!

  • Abdul says:

    I hate it when people resist change. What has color got to do with winning. As an arsenal fan, it does nt matter what the team wears, just wanna see the ball in the net even if they like, they can put on undies lmao. Besides, I luv the new kits. Please, grow up conservatives.

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