Why is Rafa Benitez not getting courted by these mid-table clubs?


‘I am ready; I am ready for new challenge in England, a club who needs building maybe’. I cannot understand how Fulham (before signing Martin Jol), Aston Villa and Blackburn Rovers are not pursuing everything humanly possible to tie down the services and contract of a top European manager. Rafa Benitez has been out of a job for some time now; why aren’t these mid-table clubs attempting to snap him up?

A manager who boasts medals which include, two La Liga titles, a Spanish Cup, a UEFA Cup, a Champions League trophy, an F.A. Cup, World Club Cup and an Italian Cup respectively.

Taking on the might of Barcelona and Real Madrid, at the time of the galatico’s era and succeeding admirably, famously leaving Valencia when he asked for some new players from the owners to take the club to the next level.

I asked for some new furniture and they gave me a table lamp’.

Also transforming the structure at Liverpool F.C. to which now boasts more international’s from the youth/reserve ages than the club has seen in a long, long time. Installing coaches and technical directors Pep Segura and Rodolfo Borrell from Barcelona F.C. among others, to ensure the magical Barcelona F.C. ethos and technical capabilities are transferred to Liverpool Football Clubs future crop of youngsters. This is know paying dividends with the emergence of Martin Kelly, Jack Robinson, John Flanagan holding their own in the toughest league in the world despite their tender ages.

For his faults of the much maligned zonal marking (also adopted by many European managers) and favouring player changes on a match by match basis surely the good out way’s the bad tenfold?

Although seemingly cold and inaccessible he does exude confidence in his own abilities, something players need if they are to fully buy into the beliefs of their manager and a work ethic to detail that is to match Ferguson, Ancelotti, Mancini etc..

Clubs like the previous mentioned would thrive under his tutelage and in my opinion raise their performance levels greatly.

Although in his last year at Liverpool the club faded badly this must surely have to be something to do with the previous hideous owners of the club, draining the resources with heavy debts and arguing even with themselves upon seeing their reflection in a mirror.

I am sure Fulham, Aston Villa and Blackburn would attract better players who would like to play for a manager who has excelled especially on the European stage, which now seems to be every players focus in the game. are seeking new writers to join the team! If you’re passionate about football, drop us a line at “” to learn more.

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  • richard says:

    rafa wants a long-term project. he’s only in his 50s. doubt he would want to stay at a mid-level club for 5 years. he’ll have his eye on the man city job or possibly tottenham if harry replaces capello

  • Ryan says:

    Why insult Villa fans calling them a mid table team ? they have been out of the top 10 like 3 times in the Premiership history and are like the 5th most successful club in History. Founders of the football league. A team that finished 6th three times before last season.

    Hardly a mid table team so get it right numbnutes.

  • Lfc4life says:

    He’s too good for all those teams!

  • mark says:

    after 3 years of finishing 6th, i know last season was terrible but still finishing 9th, is it fair to call villa a mid table club?

  • Grensteve says:

    Villa was unstable last season due to being without a manager at a crucial time, this is why thay finished where they did. And the way the run up to the new season is going it’s all going to happen again. SoVilla management get your finger out and get sorted.

  • EFC says:

    Numbnutes????? lol did you mean numb nuts? but why arent they even trying to get him!? he is right, villa are a mid table club, even b’ham city won a trophy more recently than villa!!

  • BrummieBoy21 says:

    9th is mid-table

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