Who would you rather see at Arsenal: Scott Parker or Joey Barton?

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Joey Barton... England's best midfielder?Ray Parlour believes Scott Parker is the answer to Arsenal’s midfield problems, not Joey Barton – is the former Arsenal midfielder right?

Rumours are beginning to surface that Arsene Wenger is preparing a shock move for the Newcastle man this summer, in an attempt to add a little ‘bite’ to his midfield next season. However, Parlour, who won three Premier League titles under Wenger, recently told talkSPORT that the Gunners should be looking at the West Ham skipper rather than Barton.

The ex-Gunner told the Weekend Sports Breakfast:

‘They do need strength in the midfield but I’d go for Scotty Parker.’

‘Scotty has proved that he can do it internationally and I think he’d fit in very easily and it would be a great move as well.’

‘He’s got all you need from a midfield player. He breaks things up, he’s a good tackler, he drives things on as he has done for West Ham. He’s been a one-man-team for West Ham this season so I would pick him.’

He goes onto say:

‘Joey Barton has knuckled down a bit better but he’s been playing on the right-hand side for Newcastle but for me the way Arsenal play I think Parker would fit in perfectly in that holding role in front of the back four. He’s not going to get up and down like he used to but he’s got the experience now and he’s been at some big clubs.’

If I had to pick one out of the two, then I would go for Scotty Parker, as I think he is a better overall player than Barton.

Despite being older than Joey by two years, I just feel the Hammers captain possesses more heart and desire, as well as technical ability, than that of the Newcastle midfielder (just my opinion of course).

Without a doubt, both players are tough-tackling, tenacious midfielders, but I think Barton’s attitude lets him down slightly. Don’t get me wrong, I do think the 28-year-old midfielder is a good player, I just think his behaviour wouldn’t appeal to Wenger.

Parker carries more Premier League experience under his belt than that of Barton (five to be exact) and has played for ‘bigger’ clubs in the past. I also believe he would form a better partnership alongside Jack Wilshere, of whom he has already played with in an England shirt on a number of occasions.

If history has taught us anything, Wenger will go for the cheaper option, and considering the Hammers dropped to the Championship, then Parker should realistically cost less than Barton.

The fact of the matter is we need a resolute midfielder amongst our ranks, and whether you guys agree with me or not is entirely up to you, but I strongly believe that Parker is the man to add ‘bite’ to our line-up next season.

Who would you guys prefer to see in an Arsenal shirt next season – Parker or Barton?

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  • batty says:

    you would say that wouldnt you since barton hammerd you in 2 games last season

  • kesh says:

    consider one who is not injury prone and can make good intelligent tackles that are not going to cost us so many red cards. Adaptability to our interplay would be also vital.Maybe parker but i like Burton’s aggressiveness as well and his drive forward

  • Freddie says:


  • Pacman says:

    Parker 4 me!

  • andy says:

    to say that parker is technically better than barton is ridiculous. barton had 9 assists last season and took many of the dead balls etc, and is a much more proficient footballer overall. true, he may not have the same heart, or ability in the tackle, but as a pure footballer he surpasses parker. what is more, I know it is only one game but the partnership of parker and wilshere did not look especially promising in the england international against switzerland. I personally believe that barton is under-rated and could probably do a good job at arsenal

  • I would prefer parker than joey barton.INFACT joey is not ment for arsenal.PLS.wenger FANS is not happy any longer.wenger is the only person happy

  • KitS says:

    In response to Kesh, Barton didnt get sent off once last season, or the one before as a matter of fact. Same cant be said for a significant number of the arsenal team!

  • Judith Le'Strange says:

    I would prefer to have both but obviously I can only choose one so I think for his aggressiveness which Arsenal are sorely lacking I think Barton would be the better choice.

  • Matt says:

    Watching Parker since he was 16 playing at Lilleshall I would say him. Great professional, great worker. Watch the game for Newcastle when he had to be stretchered off against arsenal, he gave his all. Barton is a great shout too so long as he maintains his discipline, he has really cleaned up his act and has great passion for the game. Following him on Twitter I respect him even more. Plus 2 years younger and will be a bit cheaper. Both will be good for Arsenal even though I would rather see them both at the toon next season.

  • Matt says:

    Barton did get sent off last season, he punched pederson while playing Blackburn.

  • The Cabbie says:


  • Geordie says:

    As a Newcastle fan, I’ve watched both players a lot, and I must say, Scott Parker is the most OVER RATED player ever. He was hard working and passionate the first season, but the second season we got extremely tired every time he got the ball. He didn’t go forward, didnt pass back, didn’t even pass to the side; all he did constantly was turn in circles in the middle of the park. Over and over again, there was no end product. Barton is the much superior player; cheaper, better, youner, and weighs in with a few goals and tonnes of assists. Saying all that though, I really hope Ashley gives him a new contract and makes him captain. HWTL.

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