Should Manchester City join the fight for this Tottenham star?

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Exactly how much is Luka Modric worth to Tottenham?There have been plenty of rumours flying about, exacerbated by the newspapers and online publications that Sir Alex Ferguson is likely to put a bid in for the services of Tottenham midfielder Luka Modric in an attempt to bring him to Old Trafford. Of course, Chelsea have already registered their interest in the midfielder but have had their bid knocked back. With the top teams in Europe all keeping tabs on Modric, I can’t help but wonder if from a Manchester City perspective it may be worth testing the waters with a bid in an attempt to steal him out from underneath the grasp of Sir Alex.

One thing’s for sure: Tottenham will fight tooth and nail to keep Modric, who was their star performer last season. Both Harry Redknapp and Daniel Levy have made their position clear, Modric is not for sale. As such, it would surprise no one if Modric remained a Tottenham player next season.

However, money talks and it’s not like City are strapped for cash. City have been linked to a number of creative midfielders this summer, from Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona’s Xavi and Luka Modric certainly fits the billing. If Roberto Mancini is in the market for an attacking midfielder he can do a lot worse than Modric who at this stage looks somewhat more acquirable than either of the aforementioned players.

This is not an attempt to wind up Tottenham fans, who have become naturally covetous of their midfielder – though it may well be treated like one. It’s just an observation that Modric may be a good fit for Manchester City and that it may be worth them joining the fight for his signature this summer. Various papers have suggested that City are set to make a big for the Croat, but as of yet there’s been nothing concrete.

The Daily Mail suggested that City may make a £30m bid – but it’s clear by this stage that that’s not nearly enough for Tottenham to change their mindset. At the moment Tottenham are in the driving seat and it’s up to a club with money like Manchester City to come up with an offer that could tempt Harry Redknapp into selling.

Luka Modric is a player with enough quality to add strength to a Manchester City midfield that is already congested with talent. There’s been a lot of talk about City needing to make a transfer that will put the fear into their Champion’s League opponent’s next season and Modric could be just the man.

Whilst it’ll be difficult to ply him from Tottenham’s grip, I definitely think it’s worth City joining the fight for Modric’s services.

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  • Paul says:

    why would he go to Citeh when he can stay with a club who has twice the support? Ok they scraped passed us to a champions league spot, not because they did better than us but because Spurs played below par and allowed City in.

  • Pete says:

    He thought Modric would do well
    If he left for a spell but didn’t think twice that he would get hell!!

    • Harry Cloke says:

      What rhyming scheme is this? Genius.

      • pete says:

        where’s the rest of it? Or do you only sensor when it suits you? Pr**k!

        • Harry Cloke says:

          As you can tell from the responses below, I rarely moderate even if they are highly critical of me. I do try to avoid too much foul language though, especially the C word.

  • Dave says:

    I think my fellow yids have covered this but just as you have done I’m not going to give up…he is not for sale you bloody idiot! Ding dong move with the times!

  • SouthernSpur says:

    Were will he fit in at Man City?? They only use defensive midfielders!!!

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