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Arsenal and Manchester City: Two clubs suffering from greedy players?


His recent contract negotiations, or lack of, have put the likes of Manchester United on red alert. United are in the market for a creative midfield talent, and would have to fork out considerably less for Nasri, what with his contract up next year at Arsenal, than the likes of Wesley Sneijder from Inter Milan. Could this decision not simply be that Nasri wants to push through a move.

He is certainly a recognised talent and with reports that United have now made the Frenchman their top priority this summer could it not be construed as common sense instead of greed that he wants to move to a club that are constantly winning trophies, and have been the most successful English side of recent times.

Fabregas’ situation, which is bound to re-emerge this summer, could also run with the same argument. He is a great player, and has been phenomenal at Arsenal, but how can the Spaniard resist a move to his home town to play for arguably the best club football team in history. The 24 year old has been a regualr in the Arsenal squad since his arrival from Barcelona in 2003 as a 16 year old, by 18 becoming a key player in the first team, and thus has shown solid commitment to the club that brought his talent to the world stage. Maybe it is only fair to allow him to move on.

In regards to Wayne Rooney, his 2010/11 season only really took off after requesting a transfer and subsequently securing a pay rise and a new deal with Manchester United. Was this tantrum a product of his publicised post duty activities, an attack on United’s somewhat weakly perceived squad and transfer funds, or was it actually a well thought out strategy to secure the increased wage demands?

Rooney may have seemed somewhat greedy to United fans, as Nasri and Fabregas may do to supporters of Arsenal, but perhaps the England international cares a great deal about his career and actually did need reassurances about the future transfer and financial policy of his current club. After all a career in top flight football is reasonably short term, with most players lasting around only ten years in a situation where they receive regular appearances in the first team at a successful club. Perhaps spectators of the world of football should empathise with the players occasionally. Obviously this is difficult to do when they’re picking up £100,000 plus per week however sometimes, just sometimes, they may actually be thinking about their careers and not their wallets. are seeking new writers to join the team! If you’re passionate about football, drop us a line at “” to learn more.

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  • HeavyRiffs says:

    What a load of tripe and typical lazy journalism to cut up what Tevez said to make a provocative sound-bite. With regards never returning to Manchester, what he actually said was “”When I finish my contract I will not return to Manchester ever – not even on holiday.”

    • gB says:

      HeavyRiffs, Does it really matter exactly what he said? I’ve seen the video and he made it clear he doesnt like manchester and doesnt ever want to return

    • ollie says:

      If you watch the interview, those were his exact words. I will be very surprised if Tevez is playing in Manchester next season.

  • cassius says:

    You cant argue that manchester city’s players are greedy and money driven. Why else would they play for man city but for high wages? The man city fans will be in denial about this but the truth hurts. Your club has no prestige, just cash which you will find will only get you so far. You can have all the money in the world but if you havent got a storied history and your fanbase is small then youll never be a big club.

  • colonel m says:

    go for local AW.these disloyal outsiders dont come here for football but will play for anyone who pays top many local players go abroad for more?thses otsiders will bite the hand that feed them.let Nasri go,Arsenal has been there before him-it will be there after him.let him go for more money somewhere.get a player better than him.i hate these greedy Mcnrs.

  • HeavyRiffs says:

    Course it matters what he said, couldn’t care less if he doesn’t like the town he currently plys his trade in, I’m not about to holiday in Fort Apache either. If he sees out his contract so be it, if he goes we cash in or don’t sell, win/win.
    As for your naive comments Cassius, football wasn’t invented in 1992 and City have a rich history, to state otherwise is idiotic and clearly shows a lack of knowledge and research. We now have CL football after finishing joint second and a trophy in the cabinet, plenty to attract big players. If our fanbase is so small, why did our trophy parade put the rags to shame?

  • ja says:

    Tevez didnt walk on united to join city just 4 money, united simply coulnt find the cash! remember fergie saying” hes to expensive” tosh

  • tublu says:

    HeavyRiffs, there’s little point putting nuggets like cassius back in their box. chances are this person knows nothing about manchester ( or trafford) and will not have a scooby what a rag is. Already exposed the fact that they think sky invented the ‘EPL’ and before that there was only american netball.

  • Superman says:

    Shut up you Man c haven’t won anything for 30yrs and then coz you win FA now yu thnk you are a big club.a club must build not buy a team.wat you have are mercenaries ready to play ,get paid and leave.wake up!

  • HeavyRiffs says:

    Superman – Hope you’re a rag fan, every player came through the ranks at Nited, they never paid £20-30M for anyone did they. Back in your box son, we’ve always been a big club, we’re just getting bigger and bigger is all…

    • David says:

      It’s not that United have never bought a 20-$30M pound players. It’s that United understand the business model that you can’t have a team of superstars, paying each of them in excess of 110 thousand pounds a week. If you look at the problem City is having now offloading players becuase no other club wants to pay those outlandish prices, you will see the problem at hand….United pays 1 or 2 individuals that high salary, but not 9 or 10 like City do. This is why United are staying with youth….long-term it will pay dividends.

  • Ugoh Austin says:

    man city now compare themselves with man united! Because of one FA cup. Awesome. I wonder what will happen when they win a champions league or even the premier league. In nigeria, we love football, following clubs like real, barca, inter, milan, bayern, tottenham, arsenal, chelsea, man utd, bolton, liverpool, everton, but no man city fan i know.

  • HeavyRiffs says:

    Ugoh, no-one compared City to Nited, just disputed the myth that they never spent money when “building” a team. Love the fact that nigerians support bolton over city, nobody loves us, but we don’t care…

  • abdi says:

    mancity is a small club build wid money not faith

  • HeavyRiffs says:

    Abdi – Are you confusing football clubs with churches?

  • Franco says:

    Man city can never be a big club whilst they cant even fill their ground. They have a tiny fanbase and no history, and i mean way before 1992. They have no prestige at all. The only thing that makes them compete with clubs like liverpool and man u is money. Man u won over a lot of fans in the 60’s and again n the 90’s because of their exciting free flowing attacking football and their mix of star players with exciting youth. Man city just have a load of big players with no youth who play horrible boring football. This is why they cant win over fans abroad. When people say manchester all over the world, nobody even knows there is a team in blue who play their. It doesnt help either that man city fans compare everything they do to man u. ‘oh but man u did this, or man u did that too’ We are left thinking, do they want their club to just copy man u and be like them, because it sounds like it.

  • HeavyRiffs says:

    Franco, yet another deluded, irrational, dare i say “global” rag.
    We can’t fill the grund apparently, yet the 4th best supported team in the Prem league, 3rd prior to Neqwcastle’s promotion. The only teams with more fans at games are the three with the biggest grounds, Barcodes, Nited and Arse. Nited won over lot’s of fans after the Munich disaster (58), which was indeed a tragedy, but garnered them Global support. City have no youth, folly, we have a very young team and have had one of the best youth academys for donkeys years now. You’re obviously a johnny come lately rag that jumped on the trophy bandwagon. As if you bothered to read into the history of both clubs, you’ll see that City were originally the dominant force in Manchester and also bailed out Nited several times allowing them to play games at our ground and other measures. To put it simply, you are one of the reasons that so many Nited fans are despised, because of your blatant arrogance that if anyone tries to win anything, they’re copying Nited.
    The only thing we want to copy from Nited and compare to Nited, is a desire to win trophies, you focus on “your” club, we’ll focus on ours.

  • David says:

    Man City will never get the respect they want. They have bought a team, and now they’re ontop of the world….The problem with this, is while they continue to buy big, United are going younger, bringing in young players for the future. The truth is you can only buy big for so long, then reality sets in. If their sugar daddy goes away, then those expensive players with expensive salaries will head for the exit door with a quickness.

  • Felicia Suma says:

    Great website! The kids (and I) had a great time hanging around 2 weeks ago! How is Ginny? Has she given birth?

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