Is this Tottenham youngster poised to make huge strides in the Premier League?


Over the last twelve months watching Queens Park Rangers, Aston Villa and England Under 21’s I have been drawn to a player who I believe has the potential to be one of the world’s top right backs, Kyle Walker. All be it, only potential, he shines out as a threat.

Currently competing in the Under 21 tournament with England’s expensive teens Henderson, Jones and Smalling who are all playing well (despite the two draws so far to Spain and Ukraine) he is just edging them out as the star performer in the squad.

Let downs among others include Rodwell, Mancienne, Cleverley, Lansbury and Welbeck (despite his last minute goal).

Lightening quick, energy, desire and awareness are Walkers attributes. Everything you need to succeed at the highest level.

A Tottenham player signed from Sheffield United with team mate Kyle Naughton believed to be around eight million pounds, he has impressed on every loan deal he has been a part of, with managers praising his application to learn.

Despite his young age he seems to have the respect of his teammates as every chance they get to give the ball to him and trust him with possession, they do just that. Being double marked in more than a few games this season also shows the respect opposing managers have for his obvious match winning threat.

Tottenham’s restructured scouting department must take huge credit as they seem to have quite a few potential young stars, Rose, Walker and Sandro among others.

England currently have a bit of  a problem at right back with only really Glen Johnson to choose from, Johnson and Walker are very similar players but it would be great for England to have to very good options if injury strikes the squad (or players retire through not being played!).

If he gets his chance with Tottenham over the next few seasons will we see him gain the tactical awareness and progress? Playing with Modric, Bale and Van Der Vaart would surely accelerate this process.

If Kyle did gain the tactical awareness needed he could even move up the field to the right wing berth and possibly do what his teammate Bale has done, although this is not an easy transition as many ex players comment ‘it is easier to go backwards on the pitch than forwards’.

If he keeps headlines to on the pitch in the future there is no reason why he cannot either make big money for Tottenham’s bank account or contribute to their success. are seeking new writers to join the team! If you’re passionate about football, drop us a line at “” to learn more.

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  • sean says:


  • Indyfan says:

    I guess he will be yet another player Manure, Citeh or Chelscum will make an offer for sooner or later.

  • Mike Symmonds says:

    Im sorry, Henderson is playing WELL!? What tournament are you watching! Rodwell a let down?! He hasnt even started him yet! So dont know how you decide that!

    As a Villa fan, the only concern about him is defensively. He is awesome going forward, but needs to work on his tacking side.

  • QPR Fan says:

    T’was a pleasure watching him in hoops last season! The lad is complete quality. I hope, in whatever colours he’s wearing next season, us hoops get to show him our appreciate for his outstanding contribution!

  • JR says:

    Have a day off fella!
    Henderson was absolutley crap throughout the whole tournament. He could barely pass to his own team. Liverpool have been seriously rumped on this deal. Did you not watch any of the games?.

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