Is it time for Abramovich to give his new manager more control over Chelsea’s future?


Purchasing the club from Ken Bates in 2003 Roman was not a famous wealthy man to those in the majority of Europe, but from the moment Roman Abramovich stepped foot in the world of football he has caused a fuss, from his huge wealth transforming the way we price players worth, to his off the field tactics. There is no doubting Mr Abramovich’s worth to Chelsea: he rescued them and pumped mass funds into the club to take them to heights not seen in a very long time, not to mention keeping them afloat financially rescuing them from certain administration.

Worth an estimated $13.6 billion dollars, Chelsea benefited and became a well known global brand and has won trophies to keep the brand moving upwards. Winning Three Premier League crowns, three FA cups, two League cups and appearing in the Champions League final have given the club a massive shot in the arm.

However with huge wealth and investment it must be the case that Abramovich is a man accustomed to getting just what he wants. Does he have a right to have 100% control over all things Chelsea related? It is his money after all…

If Roman was asked if he makes the right decisions he would indelibly say yes, otherwise he would have taken a back seat by now. Men or women with such power generally surround themselves with ‘yes people’ who enjoy the lifestyle working for famous people brings.

Jet set lifestyle, freebee’s and the odd yacht voyage are I’m sure part of the package of being close to Abramovich’s advisory arm.

Is the global money magnet going too far in getting involved in constant hiring and firing of staff? In my opinion yes.

Just one strange controlling decision culminated in him firing Ray Wilkins and appointing the relatively unknown Michael Emenalo without consulting Carlo Ancelotti. It was a massive move to make and it surely came at the cost of breaking down relationships with players and Chelsea football club’s staff. Not only this but reports suggests he chooses the players he wants for the team and stops at nothing until he gets it. Thus his will has been impressed upon decisions regarding Shevchenko, Torres, Scolari and Grant to name but a few.

Roman also insists on regular visits the players in the changing rooms as if the expectations of playing for Chelsea are not high enough as it is!

Now recently being heavily linked with one of the brightest young managers in the game, Villas-Boas, will he finally bring the reigns in and let the club work cohesively together without putting his own ideas at the cost of stability? This is I believe, the most important ingredient in football for success.

Alternatively I am sure there are people out there who agree with his approach and think if I invested that amount of money I would want a major say in every decision that is made and who I would like wearing my clubs colours. Chelsea fans and football fans alike will hope, however, that Villas-Boas gets a fair shot during his tenure at Stamford Bridge and that Abramovich’s will isn’t too overpowering. Chelsea are due further success and if Roman grants his new manager his full confidence, then things may start looking up. are seeking new writers to join the team! If you’re passionate about football, drop us a line at “” to learn more.

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