When Everton and Bill Kenwright first decided to Select David Moyes as their new manager in 2002, I am sure they never envisioned him being at the helm for such a long period.  In 2002 He was a bright young manager with a bright future (as every other inexperienced manager is billed!).

He became a fan favourite already with some fans after a good run of form keeping them in the division by the skin of their top flight heritage.

Despite Everton achieving their lowest league points total in their history Bill Kenwright respected the way he went about his duties and the way he communicated with players and the board. The following season the Everton players began to get the message from the manager and began to carry out his instructions on the pitch, finishing in seventh place.

Despite slipping from a UEFA Cup position David picked up the coveted LMA Manager of the Year Award, voted for by his peers.

In 2005 the manager had perhaps his sweetest moment in piping Liverpool to a Champions League place despite a lack of funds available to him. After a disappointing following season, Everton under Moyes guidance have become a steady ship, with impressive top half finishes and good cup runs in the FA Cup and UEFA Cup respectively.

Everton have the most stability they have had in a long while and Mr Moyes has gone on to win the LMA Manager of the Year Award another two times during his reign.

A total of nine years and still going strong, he should be highly commended, based on the fact that most managers in any level of professional football do not last more than a season.

Sure Previous managers like Dick Molyneux, Harry Catterick and Howard Kendall won League or FA Cup trophies and shaped Everton’s early history, but this was in my opinion at an easier time than know, with they’re not being so much emphasis on factors like mass wealth and marketing power. Looking across Stanley Park, you would find allot of fans describing Bill Shankly as Liverpool Football Club’s greatest manager, despite Bob Paisley having the greatest trophy haul.

My argument is that David Moyes is Everton Football Clubs greatest manager. Now before I receive a lot of abuse let’s examine the facts, yes he has not won a trophy, but surely certain vital factors have to be taken into consideration during a clubs history and a managers circumstances he finds himself in.

Moyes has not had a massive transfer budget having to sell before he can buy much of the time and pulling out fantastic deals with players such as Steven Pienaar, Phillip Jagielka, Tim Howard, Phillip Neville, Mikel Arteta, Seamus Coleman and the ever popular Tim Cahill. I would argue if Moyes had not found these players then Everton Football Club would have suffered greatly and possibly been close to relegation.

Spotting these player’s as potential stars that he could coach and make good standard premier league players has to be something to which we afford him a good deal of credit.

Everton’s youth team now boasts a lot more quality than it used to with David hiring talented scouts and coaches to nurture the next crop of the conveyor belt. In fact the Everton youth side were recently crowned U18’s Group winner’s ahead of a super talented Liverpool youth team.

Fan’s who enjoy the radio telephone lines (the moan in’s), would argue he is too defensive at home, despite wins over Chelsea, Liverpool and Man Utd.

He has done a great job with Everton Football Club, Plus, the overriding factor in that, after all, he must be a great manager… he’s Scottish! are seeking new writers to join the team! If you’re passionate about football, drop us a line at “” to learn more.

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  • gwladys says:

    Typical view point of an everton fan who’s content with us being an average team.
    How can a manager with no ‘real’ successes be consider the greatest manager we’ve ever had?!?!?
    Absolute nonsense.
    Moyes is a good manager who’s pulled off some amazing feats with his hands tied but when the likes of Birmingham can win a trophy in the season they get relegated we can’t celebrate a manager who’s won nothing in the 9 years of being in charge.

  • Parkender says:

    Erm, no!

  • EverSupporter says:

    I totally disagree with gwladys!

    With limited money DM has built a squad which is much more worth than Birmingham and other clubs not in top 5/6.

    Maybe Birmingham won a tropghy but it was a cost in the other end. I would rather stay in PL than winning the cup!

    Personally I think DM is getting the best out of his players. Look at Jagielka and Baines. They are worth about £15-20m and I would not hesitate selling them as DM would easily bring in new players that within a few years develop in attractive stars.

    If DM had the money to buy big players, he would get the best out of them and I am sure he would win trophies.

    However I do aggree that he is not the best manager – yet but I believe his time will come.

    He needs to improve on european matches. Give the man some money and he will win trophies…

  • Ron Broadstairs says:

    No chance, he’s there on the back of kenwright being an idiot. He should have been shipped out years ago, there’s a whole generation who’ve never kicked a ball and think Chris Kamara and the Sky nobs talk anything but cack. Moyes has lasted so long because the board are potless and can’t afford a change. He’s one of the top paid in the prem, he’s got the life of reilly no pressure, no ambition and 3 million a year.

  • Youcef says:

    Have you ever even heard of Howard Kendall?

    1983–84 FA Cup
    1984–85 FA Charity Shield
    1984–85 League Championship
    1984–85 European Cup Winners’ Cup
    1985–86 FA Charity Shield
    1986–87 FA Charity Shield
    1986–87 League Championship

    What has David Moyes ever won?

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