The best possible transfer for Liverpool’s Kenny Dalglish?


Written by Elliot Tunstall for Live4Liverpool: Liverpool FC underwent a period of transition in this season’s January transfer window. When star striker and fans favourite Fernando Torres demanded a transfer to Chelsea , the world of football was shocked. However, Kenny Dalglish didn’t give Liverpool fans any time to mourn the loss of one of their best players by completing the signing of both Andy Carroll from Newcastle and Luis Suarez from Ajax on transfer deadline day.

Liverpool had quickly relayed the £50 million they received for Torres, to the excitement and pleasure of all their supporters. It was a clear statement of intent by not only the manager but the relatively new owners, Fenway Sports Group .

Whilst Andy Carroll continues to struggle with injuries after four and a half months at the club, it has been left to Luis Suarez to steal all the headlines. And boy, has he done just that.

Suarez has made just eleven appearances so far in a red shirt, but already he has had Liverpool fans licking their lips in anticipation at what we could achieve with this lad in our team. His determination is second to none, his ability is priceless, his running is constantly purposeful and his skill is mouth-watering.

In stark contrast, the same could not have been said about Fernando Torres in the last few months of his Liverpool career. The Spaniard managed to bag 9 goals in 26 games for the Reds but it was his commitment, or lack of, that was the most alarming feature of his play. As much as we loved him, he didn’t seem to love us anymore. Pulling on the red shirt of Liverpool Football Club is a privilege to any person, but it looked as though, for Torres, it had become more of a chore to play for the club he had committed ‘many years’ to.

Now, after one goal in fifteen appearances for Chelsea , £50 million seems like daylight robbery on our behalf. The Fernando Torres that scored 72 goals in his first three seasons in English football just isn’t the same Fernando Torres we see today. However, no longer is this a concern for us Liverpool supporters.

For us, we are optimistic. We are excited for the future. And a lot of that has to do with our new number seven, who is taking orders from our greatest number seven in the dugout. Luis Suarez , someone who we paid half the price Chelsea paid for Torres, seems twice the player. Keeping my sensible head on, I know, as well as most Liverpool fans, that once Torres turns it on he will become a force again.

Regardless, the name on our lips at the moment is Luis Suarez. He has already torn apart the defences of Stoke , Wigan , Manchester United , Sunderland , Newcastle and, more recently, Fulham in what should be his ‘settling down’ period. Going into next season, nobody will want to defend against him, and everybody will fear him. His turn of pace and blistering feet are unplayable and at just short of £23 million, the Uruguayan looks an absolute bargain.

With a bit of luck, Andy Carroll will shake off his injury problems and can form a lethal partnership with ‘El Pistelero’. It will be the sort of partnership that will provide sleepless nights for defenders worldwide. Pace, power and precision and if it works then who knows, maybe the Premier League will be in our sights come 2012. are seeking new writers to join the team! If you’re passionate about football, drop us a line at “” to learn more.

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  • kopqueen says:

    🙂 well said

  • Liam says:

    What a load of crap.The best signing for Liverpool
    was Steve Clarke and you haven’t even mentioned him.
    The way Liverpool are playing to finish 5th is all
    down to Clarke the coach.The Suarez deal was all
    done and dusted before Torres even left as he was bought to play with Torres.Clarke is the man not
    that silly twit Dag.

  • tug says:

    I agree steve clarke has been a great signing but he’s not the best signing….when suarez gets the ball everybody are on there feet because he seems to do somthing effective with the ball 9 times out of 10. When maxi got his hatricks and suarez is still getting man of the match that just shows how good this guy is…so Liam you go back watching your ageing chelsea team and mourning the loss of your best asset..steve clarke…YNWA…

  • Rory says:

    Attenti al “Pistolero” 🙂

  • KD7 says:

    Best signings in order:

    1 Daglish
    2 Suarez
    3 Andy caroll
    4 Raul Mereles
    5 Steve Clarke

    Worst: 1 Joe Cole 2 Javonic 3 Konchesky

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