Is Celtic’s Neil Lennon responsible for his own downfall?

From the moment that Neil Lennon took over as Celtic boss in March last year, things began to change in Scottish football.  He has been in the spotlight from day one thanks to his controversial management style and his relationship with the fans.

Whilst nobody can truly believe that he is a man without principles he can at times lack respect on the touchline and there are people who believe that he doesn’t deserve the title of Celtic Manager. They would do well to remember that he has a playing career which boasts such accolades as:

League Cup Winner x2

Scottish League Cup Winner x2

Scottish Cup x3

UEFA Cup runner-up

Can Neil Lennon control his temper and deliver such great success to his managerial career too? He’s is still in with a small chance of winning the Scottish League this year – however it is out of Celtics hands – Rangers are very much in the driving seat.

So what exactly has the Celtic boss done to upset so many people I hear you ask? Well, Celtic have had a long running battle with the Scottish Football Association and it looks set to continue. In November last year, Lennon was issued with an automatic 2-match ban for being sent to the stands during Celtics loss to Hearts, an appeal led to a further 4-game ban. Further uproar continued during the Scottish Cup Old Firm clash in March. After the final whistle Rangers assistant Ally McCoist and the Celtic boss shook hands. But then Lennon appeared to act angrily over something said by McCoist. He seemed to point to McCoist accusing him of something, they then had to be both ushered away to help cool the situation. The clash came after a bitterly-contested derby which included 3 red cards. It overshadowed the victory by Lennon’s men.

Lennon, 39 is one of very few to be so open about his struggle with depression back in 2000. Since then he has been on the recieving end of many assaults most notably from a Hearts supporter on Wednesday night during their match against Hearts which, they won 0-3. Extraordinarily during the game! The first major attack on Lennon came in September 2008 when he was victim to an assault in the West End of Glasgow. Other incidents have happened since most notably in January this year the Royal Mail intercepted packages containing bullets forwarded to Lennon’s address. Other instances have also occurred in March this year yet another package was found addressed to him – is it a case of Lennon bringing this upon himself ? That’s for you to decide.

Its clear to see all these instances are sick acts and I am not for one minute condoning these sorts of deeds and they are completely irresponsible. But and there is a but, Neil Lennon needs to sort out his temper and arrogance and arguably should show more respect towards officials. Clearly Lennon needs to take responsibility; he is damaging the “beautiful game” thus harming the reputation of Scottish football.

Ally McCoist will take over from Walter Smith at the helm at Rangers but I somehow don’t see the feisty encounters being any different in the near future in the old firm, or in any other fixture in Celtic colours – that’s unless there is a change in manager at The Hoops. So, Neil Lennon sort it out. are seeking new writers to join the team! If you’re passionate about football, drop us a line at “” to learn more.

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  • Des Reid says:

    Bernie Turner,Scottish football´s problems have always been there,the fact that they have been brought into the open surely has to be of benifit to the game,or would you prefer the problems to lie festering forever??Oh by the way, please name one interview ,just one interview,where Neil Lennon,has shown any immaturity ,I´m waiting..I´ve always found his interviews both informative and mature. Mr Carrington.I´d love to see the photo of Mc Coist´s face during the infamous exchange of words ,or would that be too impartial???

    • baxterboy says:

      could you give your opinion of a celtic player who who spits on a rangers flag? and the response one should expect for such an act.
      an is such behaviour mature and dignified, or does it demean the reputation of a club with the stature of celtic.

  • mrs a makie says:

    your story is right but because you tell the truth you are a biggot celtics pick of manager is nothing but a ned who is trying 2 make glasgow like ireland its him who causes problems. no he should not be attacked nor should he be manager of a great team. he is a ned who has been bringing rot into scottishfootball no excuse its not called passion martin oneil was a gent at celtic and never brought shame to the right thing get rid now and get celtics repect back.

  • Quantative Easing says:

    Can you smell the fear?

    Lennon’s got the marginalised and disaffected quaking in their soiled bed linen.

    “ms a makie”, pulls your drawers up.

  • rangers R evil says:

    @mrs a makie * ignorant woman * Please explain how Neil Lennon is trying to make life in Glasgow “like Ireland” ??? (probably just being an irish catholic is enough to make you uncomfortable?) Read my earlier post you confused woman. You maybe should think before typing such ‘stuff’, regards bringing ‘ireland’ to glasgow what about when the sunday newspapers revealed that a set meal in the ibrox hospitality was 16.90 pounds & a corporate box 1690.oo or that when Vatican appointed pope Benedict the newspapers revealed ibrox restaurant took eggs Benedict off their breakfast menu OR when Amoruso was told not to bless himself at Rangers even though it was a ritual he did at every other club, or Andy Goram wearing a black armband for killed UVF terrorist Billy “king rat” Wright .. OR 100+ years of not signing catholics???? i think the bringing NORTHERN IRELAND to glasgow is ok by you

    • baxterboy says:

      your assertion that rangers did not sign catholics is incorrect, it is a myth ‘easily verified with a google search.. on the other hand, could you tell me what date in history celtic had their first protestant board member?

  • rangers R evil says:

    ** OR the Orange away kit!! Or when the grass at Ibrox was cut into ‘the Sash’ shape for an old firm game. let’s not forget Donald Findlays sectarian singing too.

  • glen says:

    fellow tims and right thinking people,wouldnt it be great to get special dispensation from fifa to go into the epl or the championship,and leave all these morons to get on with their dark ages mentality,because if we,re not there, the starving dogs will eventually turn on each other,and then we would,nt have to come on to these kind of anti-celtic/catholic sites and defend Neil lennon and celtic against all these knuckle dragging cretins.

    • baxterboy says:

      playing english teams in one of situations in euro competition is one thing, but vying for their championship weekly is quite another matter. what will the reception weekly pro ira songs on the english punters – from the pan into the inferno, i predict.

  • Popes11 says:

    God bless Neil Lennon.

  • David says:

    My word, as well as an apologist, you’re a coward as well?! You have no retort to my accusations, so you refuse to print them… This is standard Scottish, pro rangers journalism.

    A P O L O G I S T. . .

  • baxterboy says:

    neil lennon shames the celtic managers who have preceded him by his disgraceful inablity to control his instincts. i am rangers supporter but men like burns and stein, although i hated them, acted with dignity and class. all managers have moments of poor behaviour, lennon´s is daily.
    privately the board want rid of him as quickly as possible regardless if a cup. he is a public realtions nightmare.
    i also predict celtic will have a huge problem with the former rangers player´s team next week.

  • greg13 says:

    The Celtic fans and board have 3 choices for not winning the lauges for the past 3 years despite having spent ten times as much as Rangers. One Walter Smith is one best managers of all time. Two Neil Lennon and others arent up to the job Or 3 and the one they chose – that there is amassive conspiracy against they and they blame everyone for their failures except themselves. Obviously they went for this option. And Lennon typfyies this they have hounded the spl for decisions and have shamefully had officials leave their jobs , depsite the fact that Celtic have had more penalties than anyone else. While I partly blame Lennon I blame the board in particular John Reid, who was blairs bootboy and always fostered a them and us mentality ( I worked with him in the party)
    Men like Smith , Stein , shankly and Busby didnt complain when decisions went agaisnt them they told their men to worker harder and get their head down and make sure there was no doubt the next time. This is a champioship winning mentality. And neither Lennon or the Celtic board have it.

  • Des Reid says:

    Baxterboy,you expect an inferno if CELTIC played english clubs on a regular basis,something akin to rangers visit to MANCHESTER yes?

  • Des Reid says:

    Baxter boy,how well do you know Neil lennon?? have you met him personally ?have you met Tommy Burns or Jock Stien personally,they are the ones you say you hated but I ´d guess you´ve never been in their company!!.your opinion is based solely on information gleamed from the very tabloids that have been instrumental in demonizing the good name of a working man.I would also suggest that the sending of parcel bombs,bullets and physical attacks are NOT the response to the spitting on a scarf,that´s almost as bad as having one of your footballers spitting at another player or a fan, god forbid that that would ever happen!!

  • shaun the brummie says:

    we english don’t give a fuck what happens in scotland.we just are not going to allow a pro ira terrorist supporting football club enter english football/same for any other scottish team…i’m not racist the welsh should have their membership revoked as they have a football league,an assembly and are anti english aswell…ENGLAND FOREVER BRITAIN NEVER…

  • Willhelm says:

    Lennon is an absolute moron of a man. He epitomises everything that is paranoid and hate filled about the club he belongs to. A manic depressive with a rumoured alcohol problem, and yet, he is treated like a god by the followers of this terrorist loving football club.

    No wonder Scotland and the Scottish people despise this club.

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