Who’s better: Liverpool’s Lucas or United’s Anderson?


Which midfielder is better? United's Anderson or Liverpool's Lucas?Here’s a simple, provocative question – which Brazilian midfielder is better, Manchester United’s Anderson or Liverpool’s Lucas Leiva? Both players have been in the Premier League for over three years and despite both showing potential on occasions, have yet to really prove themselves.

Of course, both players play different roles for their team – Anderson is granted more freedom and is known for his galloping runs forward, whilst Lucas is supposed to be a holding player. As such, the comparison between the two players is not entirely straight forward. The question I’d ask therefore, is which player has the most potential to fulfil within their given role at their club and what are the chances of them actually fulfilling this potential?

Despite an unexceptional start to his Liverpool career, Lucas has evolved into a defensive midfielder with some ability. Admittedly, his displays are generally unflashy, but he does have a knack for getting the job done with the minimal of fuss. I think it’s fair to say that he’s been one of Liverpool’s better players this season.

Anderson is a player with the tendency to frustrate and delight in equal measure. He’s utilised at Manchester United as a box-to-box midfielder. His runs are often breath-taking but all-too-often lack in end product. Quite simply, he hasn’t scored enough goals at United. Despite this, when Anderson has played this season, he has, on occasion, looked very good indeed.

I’d say that Anderson has more talent than Lucas but given his rather injury-prone nature, may never fully utilise this talent. I’d love to see a fully-fit Anderson get a consistent run of games in this Manchester United side. Should that happen I genuinely believe he’ll get better game-to-game and become a force in the Premier League. All the basics are there, he just needs to stay fit.

So, Anderson has more potential, but who would I rather have in my squad? The answer to that question is Lucas. He doesn’t suffer from Anderson’s inconsistency and isn’t as injury prone, plays a vital role in the centre of midfield and does what he’s told to do without any problems. What Lucas lacks in creativity he makes up for by not being afraid to get stuck in and boss the centre of midfield.

Of course, I doubt that any Manchester United fan would swap Anderson for Lucas and vice versa for Liverpool fans. Objectively, however, whilst I accept that Anderson has better potential, it’s Lucas who has more worth as a squad player.

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  • Gerard says:

    Lucas has definitely proven himself this season, go compare statistics with his pass rate and successful tackles, you will see how high he finishes against all premier players not just Anderson.

  • Shary says:



    Anderson is United’s, not Liverpool’s.

    The author got it all mixed up.

  • Kamster says:

    They’re both crap, except Liverpool weren’t foolish to part with £16m for Anderson….. Skanky Mancs were coming back to knock you off our perch…. Fergie’s running scared of Dalglish

  • si says:

    strange title to this article….

  • Danny Salford Red says:

    Anderson, got to be. People have short memories of just how crap Lucas has been for years until maybe the last 6 months. Not that im saying Anderson is the finished article or an amazing player as he also hasnt proved that yet. Ability wise though its got to be Anderson.

    • Bo Diddly says:

      Lucas cost £6M Anderson cost £20M.
      Obvious who,s better value for money anyway, imagine rafa had paid £20M for anderson the press would still be banging on about it.
      Although Lucas first couple of years were fairly poor he,s now a solid premiership midfielder. Anderson had a few good patches in his 3 1/2 years but i think he,s going backwards now and is never going to be a regular starter at UTD.

    • dj says:

      You’re having a laugh,

      A few reasons why Lucas is better.

      1. His ability to adapt his style of play(attacking midfielder to defensive)
      2. His ability to control a game. Look at his pass completion rate, spectacular.
      3. His mental strength. Some LFC fans against him at first but now well and truly on his side.
      4. Best all round LFC player for the last two seasons and that’s including better than SG.
      5. If you didn’t know he only cost £5 million and Anderson cost £18 million. Great business.
      6. The fact he is a first choice player for LFC and Brazil now, how many games does Anderson play (I bet he’s injured, right).
      7. Lucas became the youngest player ever to win the Bola de Ouro. The honour is given to the best player in the Campeonato Brasileiro and has previously been won by Zico, Romario, Kaka and Carlos Tevez.
      Anderson is not even in the same stadium as Lucas. I suggest you smoke something else.

  • simon says:

    Its kind of like comparing Fletcher to Fabregas.To be honest its a ridiculous comparison as both players are so different. Put it this way, Anderson has the potential to be one of the most effective midfielders in the EPL, whereas Lucas is behind numerous other mid’s in the EPL in his position, so you ask who would you rather in your team a player with enormous potential who can change and win games or a player who is a dime a dozen and far from anything special in his position.I know which i’d take!! Anderson is a better player and only for injuries this discussion would never be taking place

  • Shayne says:

    Just ask yourself who starts more prmeier league games, but to decide the best player, ask yourself who starts for brazil! Lucas by a clear mile!

  • matt says:

    well one gets in the brazil team and one doesnt end of, lucas is better.

  • Doyle says:

    Lucas is far better than anderson

  • jezz09 says:

    On current form, it’s lucas, potential wise, its ando by a thousand country miles

  • paul says:

    anderson 17m lucas 5m . here is the the difeernce one plays in teams winning trophies. the other will soon enough. lucas now a regular with brazil anderson cant get a look in. neither has set the world a light with goals. one has gained huge premeirship expierence the other has been injured. and when the shackles taken off lucas he does look really well going forward. so therefore i personally believe lucas is the better player and future lfc captain and national team while the other will go down as one of fergie’s expensive south american flops and end up playin it italy and make him look much better than he actually is. enough said..

  • Geoff says:

    Its Got to be Lucas he plays game in and game out 90mins steady in the midfield makes very little mistakes.

  • Pete Gill says:

    Is there a “They’re both rubbish” option. ?

    Lucas is a square ball merchant who offers no goal threat or forward creativity and cant tackle a kitten.

    Anderson can tackle and run about a bit, but also couldnt hit a barn door from two yards.

    The fact Lucas is a Liverpool regular is an insight as to why they havent won the league for twenty years and will spend a second season out of the champions league.

    Anderson is merely an indication of Utds decline in midfield he’s no more than a bench/carling cup player.

    The are both awful players.

    • Bobabll says:

      Indeed Liverpool has never been the same since Lucas Levia was in the squad full-time.

      And hence with lowered expectations, kudos to the fans who continue to be optimistic.

  • Jay says:

    who partners Ramieres in the Brazil starting 11 and who does not? Debate over.

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