The Perfect Transfer for Manchester United?


Written by James Kent for Dutch international Wesley Sneijder has made the strongest indication yet that he is finally ready to make the move to the Premier League with Manchester United. The player has been a long term target for Sir Alex Ferguson and is seen as the final piece of the jigsaw. Sneijder was a top target for Manchester United last season, but in the end he rejected the move. At the time the Dutch international chose to stay with the reigning European champions Inter Milan.

Ferguson’s strategy for Sneijder was very much a case of all or nothing. When his attempts to sign the Dutchman failed, there was no viable alternative and Man United made no significant summer signing. It appears though that Sneijder is getting itchy feet in Italy and is ready to test himself in the more attacking Premier League – that has always been a lure for him. Sneijder signed a new contract with Inter Milan as recently as last summer, but sources close to the player suggest that he wishes to consider his options at the end of the current season. United have been made aware of the player’s intentions and encouraged to make a good offer to persuade cash-strapped Inter to sell.

Inter’s president, Massimo Moratti, said only last week that he was determined not to sell to the English club, but if the Dutch player remains keen to leave and the offer is good enough then he will have few options – but to relent. Ferguson has indentified midfield as the area to strengthen and is looking for a tough tackling defensive midfield player and someone that can offer some real creativity going forward. Sneijder is now highly regarded as the best in the world at the latter and would be an exciting addition to a forward line that already includes Wayne Rooney, Javier Hernandez, Dimitar Berbatov, Nani and Antonio Valencia. Jack Rodwell may be lined up for the defensive midfield position, but it’s Sneijder that is seen as the number one transfer target.

Funding the transfer is hardly likely to be an issue, because the Glazer family have already sanctioned a summer spending spree. To get their man it appears Manchester United would be prepared to smash through their transfer record fee of the near £31million they paid for Berbatov. The key to the deal though may not be money, but the desire the Dutchman has shown to have a taste of Premier League football. It is believed Sneijder has become frustrated by the tactically constrained limitations of Serie A; he is now ready to express himself in the Premier League.

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  • Fergie is GOD. says:

    Be an interesting signing, I’m hoping we sign Alexis Sanchez but Wesley Sneijder would be alright aswell. Could get Sanchez @ £30m Sneijder 4 £35m, money is no problem here at the worlds biggest, most famous and real richest club. I want Alexis Sanchez and either Douglas Costa (£20m)/Javier Pastore (£40m). Come on Fergie, we have to buy Sanchez.

  • RedScot says:

    Yeah I hope we get him also. With a net spend on player purchases since the ‘Glazer’ hijacked the “most famous and richest” Club of £2.1 Million per season.
    Do you know the saying Pigs might fly?
    Also stay of Championship manager.And try to read!

  • Fergie is GOD. says:

    RedScot, I suggest you grow up. Net spend is a load of bull, since the Glazers come we have spent close to £200m and will spend again in the summer. I dont play video games, too busy living in the real world and supporting the biggest club in the world. I suggest you stop “protesting” and support the club as the skint knights ran away like cowards, MUST are selfish brats in it for themselves and Qatar was all talk. How old are you?

  • Fergie is GOD. says:

    Van der Sar £2m, Park £4m, Vidic £7m, Evra £5.5m, Larsson (loan), Carrick £18.6m, Nani £17.3m, Anderson £17m, Kuszczak £2.125m, Rafael/Fabio £5.2m, Berbatov £30.75m, Valencia £15m, Owen (free), Smalling £10m, Chicharito £6m are all successful business. We all so landed disasters like Foster £1m (flop), Hargreaves £17m (cripple), Tosic £8m (flop), Tevez (loan/ useless). We have done pretty well and will continue as such, I suggest some peopl grow up *cough….RedScot….cough*.

  • RedScot says:

    Thats a bad cough you have their.Thanks for listing ‘some’ of the players purchased,with several inaccurate valuations, during the Glazer’s tutelage of United.
    The point being two fold!The toal purchased is £183.80 Million,total sold £ 169.35 Million.You subtract one from the other, to give you net spend!Not as you kindly listed “gross” spent.
    But keep listing a whole host of players(as you did) thats pure fiction.Do you know there can only be 11 players on the park at one time?
    I would dearly like to picture how you envisage all the players you listed as “ideal” signings playing in one team along with the current players at United.
    I dont need to “grow” up,some people *cough* need to get in the real world.

  • Danny Salford Red says:

    Come on Redscot, tell him how old you are the nosey beggar 🙂

  • john says:

    i think this year we have to buy 1 really good attack mid, because apart from rooney, giggs and scholes no one else can produce it, we should get snijder if fergie really wants him i think we could get him plus his 26 so he is still at a good age. we also need a good CM someone that can hold the ball up and dictate the game someone like, defour or charlie adam would be a good buy, plus i think when cleverly comes back our central problem should be over and i also think pogba and morrison should start to get first team opportunities.

  • Fergie is GOD. says:

    RedScot – deluded aint ya feller, you dimply dont have a clue. Stupid little protest idiot, try supporting Manchester United for once instead of inaccurate ranting. All the players I named fee’s listed are exacty what was reported on the sigings so get a clue and grow up little boy.

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