Spurs shine, but AC Milan on the decline


Tottenham’s success against a motivated, hard-working AC Milan side, is further evidence as to just how strong the Premier League has become. Let’s break things down. Tottenham are currently lying in fifth place in the Barclays Premier League table, 12 points off of League leaders Manchester United. Contrast this with the fact that AC Milan are currently nestled at the top of the Serie A table, six points ahead of rivals Inter Milan.

Despite this discrepancy the fact remains that for all their bluster Milan have been unable to inflict a defeat upon Spurs over the space of two legs of football.

Furthermore, Massimiliano Allegri is no doubt eating a healthy dose of humble pie after claiming that his AC Milan side would ‘exploit’ Tottenham’s weak defence. Over two legs and 180+ minutes of football, AC Milan, couldn’t muster a single goal.

I don’t want to take anything away from Tottenham’s performance over the two-legs. They were well organised and did a fine job defensively, but even the most adamant Spurs fan has to admit that there is some work to be done on that side of their game. The fact that relegation threatened Wolves were able to rack up 3 goals against Spurs on the weekend is revealing enough.

AC Milan had plenty of chances over the course of both legs of football, but have ended up looking rather blunt. Despite Sandro’s best efforts, Clarence Seedorf and co quickly established Milan’s dominance in the centre of the park, yet the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Pato were unable to find the penetration that the Italian side desperately needed.

Spurs may have survived many near-misses, but it’s difficult to argue that they weren’t Milan’s equal over the course of both legs. Which brings me to Allegri’s pre-game comments, where-in he suggested that Spurs were not numbered among the best teams in Europe. If that’s so, where does that leave AC Milan?

The seven-time European champion’s may have pedigree to spare, but the current state of this squad leaves something to be desired. Even if AC Milan had managed to beat Spurs, can anybody honestly say that they believe they would have gone on to hoist the Champion’s League trophy? What would have happened had they met Barcelona or even Manchester United (who beat them 5-2 on aggregate in last season’s Champion’s League second-round clash)?

Italian football remains in decline, whilst the quality of the Premier League continues to rise. Outside of Real Madrid and Barcelona, Spanish football is nothing to write home about.

As the talent outside of the EPL continues to drop, it’s the likes of Spurs, who seek to establish themselves in the Champion’s League that are set to benefit.

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  • AznLzr says:

    I hope Spurs draw Barcelona in the next round. That’ll shock ’em off their high horses.

  • Garth C says:

    AznLzr, you are a sad character. I laugh in your face. So many people upset that we are still in the competition and haven’t been taught a lesson. Deary me.

  • George McNeil says:

    Italian football is in a dire state of affairs, if Inter go our vs Bayern they won’t have any European representation whatsoever.

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