Media watch: Barcelona looking to raid Tottenham


Gareth Bale has become a £40m target for Spanish giants BarcelonaBarcelona Football Club is a powerhouse who has neither a qualm nor a quibble regarding the manner in which they approach potential transfer-targets, leak stories to the press and create a general sense of disquiet in the footballing world. Given his rise to prominence at Tottenham this season, it’s not surprising that Gareth Bale has begun to experience first-hand the wheels of the Barcelona machine click into motion in a vain attempt to try and reel the Welsh international into its net. If they expect Bale to simply truckle along, they are much mistaken.

Rumours have already been circulating that the likes of Inter Milan were interested in acquiring the winger’s services (following Bale’s demolition job at the San Siro earlier this season). The boy is racking up quite the list of European suitors. The Spanish giants are said to be considering a £40m move for Bale in the summer – a figure that should at least give Harry Redknapp something to think about.

The last couple of Summers have seen Barcelona go after Arsenal’s Cesc Fabregas. Now it seems Barca’s attention has turned to their North London neighbours. Indeed, if Tottenham did accept £40m for Bale, that would end any chance of the Barcelona signing Fabregas.

Barcelona, it seems are more than happy with the state of their midfield and are looking for an attacking left-back who can add a flair to their squad that the likes of Maxwell, Adriano and Abidal have thus far failed to provide. Gareth Bale, it seems, is just the ticket.

I have to say, I’m more than a little sceptical as to whether a deal could be cut between these two sides. Although Barcelona’s financial worries have eased up somewhat under their new leadership, are they yet in the kind of position where they could offer this kind of ‘big money’ for Bale’s services? Furthermore, it’s unlikely that Spurs would be willing to sell Bale for £40m – he is, after all, one of the premier footballing talents on the planet. I just don’t believe that Barca have the resources to make good on any desire the may have to make Bale part of their squad.

When you further consider that Bale is perfectly happy at Tottenham and has previously spoken about his desire to see out the remainder of his Spurs contract (which runs until 2014) it’s quite clear that the North London side are in complete control of the situation. I fully expect Bale to remain with Spurs for at least another season.

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