Is Tottenham’s midfield maestro really worth £1 billion?


Exactly how much is Luka Modric worth to Tottenham?There’s no bigger fan of Tottenham midfielder Luka Modric than Harry Redknapp – yet to the same extent, there’s nobody that overrates the worth of Luka Modric more than our Harry. When questioned about what it would take for him to let Luka go, Harry had this to say:I wouldn’t want to sell him for £100 million, not even for a billion.”

The quote follows interest from the likes of Manchester United and Chelsea, who have been keeping tabs on the midfielder throughout the course of the season. But Harry wasn’t done heaping praise on Modric just yet. He would later go on to tell the official Tottenham website: Luka’s incredible. He’s on another planet. You think teams have got good players until you see them play against him and you realise he’s on another level. Absolutely top drawer. He’s a fantastic player and a fantastic boy. I could sit and watch him play all day.”

I think Harry’s a fan! Of course when he says he wouldn’t sell Modric for a ‘billion’, this is merely an attempt to ward off those who would seek to acquire the 25-year-old in the summer. However, every player has their worth and Modric’s worth falls way below the £100m mark.

The good news is that Harry Redknapp appears to have pulled off what he was attempting to do. yesterday revealed that Manchester United have given up on their pursuit of Modric only to move onto his Tottenham team-mate Rafael van der Vaart. says the Dutchman has a £25m price-tag, but would Harry sell him at that price? Would he sell him for £250m?

I understand that it’s important, now more than ever that Tottenham keep hold of their best players. Even if it doesn’t happen this season, it’s very likely that Tottenham will find themselves in the top four next season. Building upon that will mean becoming established in the top four and becoming feared in Europe (something which I think is already beginning to happen). This can’t happen if Tottenham are forced to sell their best players. With Gareth Bale signing a new contract, the evidence is there that Harry Redknapp is doing the best he can to keep his team together, despite the vultures circling and Tottenham fans should be thankful for that.

I think it’s worth considering, however, that every player has their price. Should the right offer come in for Luka Modric, then discussions must be had. I understand his importance to the side, but that doesn’t make him irreplaceable. A decent swap-deal could easily placate Spurs fans. Given Manchester United’s interest I’d be curious to know whether Tottenham fans would accept Hernandez and £25 m for Modric. Tottenham are somewhat overloaded with midfielders but could use some work up front and Hernandez is one of the premier young strikers in world football. If I were Harry I’d bite Sir Alex Ferguson’s hand-off to see that the deal was completed.

The point is though you try not to sell your best players, there’s a price for everything. My question to Spurs fans: exactly how much is Modric worth for you?

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  • Alex says:

    Actually if Barca/Real Madrid/Man Utd came with an offer in the region of 25-30 million,i dont think that Modric would still love to stay..Bring him at Man utd.
    De Gea
    Rafael Vidic Cahill Evra
    Valencia Modric Adam Nani
    Hernandez Cavani

    • stu says:

      ha ha sell him. spurs have got soul. sell bale as well. spurs are bigger than these two and porky van de vaart. we’ll still keep marching on. ruddy cheeked sir alex will always be watching the spurs and loves our style. he idolised the great bill nicholson. how has carrick and all the others progressed. england carreer took off did it? why do you want to get stars in your eyes?!! buy them and watch their careers and high-praise subside. coys forever. no player is bigger than WHL.X

  • Matt84 says:

    The fact that he would walk into any side in the world…£50m plus. It is his dream to emulate his hero cruyff and play for barca. Xavi’s heir elect.

  • Garth C says:

    Sell Modders to the Mancs. Ur are joking surely. Fark you gunner fan in disguise. I spit on your logic.

    • FFC says:

      Manchester United is just an example. What if a similar offer came in from Real Madrid?

  • Razspur says:

    Every team is built around it`s best players, years ago success stemmed from a great keeper and solid back four(Arsenal, Man u, Liverpool, even Chelsea) but the creativity always came from mid-field, Man u dominated the last 15 years because their young starlets understood the managers strategy and they could replace like for like therfore not disrupting the style of play. Arsenal at the end of 2008 were playing a wonderful passing game but just a few weeks later it had gone, now they play 4 passes when 2 are reqd. Spurs must not sell Modric, let VDV go and return to 4-4-2, buy Nikola Zigic and Llorente or Negredo sell Duff-oh and Pavlova, introduce Walker and get Sandro on a long term contract. The future is lillywhite, you know i`m right.

  • kenny says:

    well since shitty carroll cost liverpool around 35 mill thats a lot for a guy with absolute no talent what so ever besides being tall, than modders must be worth around 80 mill- 1 bill. he is actually one of the best creative midfielder s in the world and has 5 years left on his contract.

  • BOB says:

    lets forget about this and talk more about new strikers EDISON CAVANI, RADAMEL FALCAO, HULK,FERNANDO LORENETE,PIERRE GIGNAC, MARIO GOMEZ

  • hasymodric says:

    fu8k u all manures, we aint that poor in need of cash to breakeven. i for one thinks that modders is priceless and irreplacebale.

  • tim says:

    when are you man u fans gonna realise you are over 800 million in debt,and rising, get real.

  • tim says:

    new uefa rules are going to be strict, if you are in debt, no uefa competitions, these are the rules.

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