Is it time we entrust Terry with the Captaincy once more?


Over the weekend, The Telegraph ran an article suggesting that England boss Fabio Capello may just be ready to chuck the captain’s armband John Terry’s way once more. Admittedly, there are no direct quotes from Fabio, but the piece does make for an excellent talking point. Should we as fans be ready to forgive John Terry for his misdeeds off the pitch and is Terry the best leader we have on the pitch?

We’re about to enter another International break (try not to die of excitement) so I expect there will be a fair amount of debate over who should captain this side in the absence of Rio Ferdinand and Steven Gerrard in the coming weeks. England’s current captain, Ferdinand has been an absentee since the start of February, whilst vice-captain Gerrard is ruled out of the proceedings thanks to his need to undergo groin surgery. Kenny Dalglish timed that one pretty well didn’t he?

England face a dearth of leaders on the pitch. Who exactly should they turn to?

The Telegraph has suggested that Capello views Terry’s year without the England captaincy as adequate punishment for the player’s misdeeds. As such, Fabio is ready to grant Terry the captaincy once more – and not just on a temporary basis. John Terry, love doctor, international playboy and all round class act could soon be leading our beloved Lions onto the pitch on a permanent basis.

First up, I don’t doubt Terry’s credentials as a leader. Looking at the England squad, he’s the only obvious choice. He’s an inspirational captain with enough desire and drive to shake those around him into giving their best. The phrase ‘born leader’ comes to mind, but I’m aware what a ridiculous concept that is (babies can’t even talk, dammit) so let’s can it and move on.

Despite his leadership qualities, as far as I’m concerned John Terry threw in the towel the moment he turned his back on his team-mate back in February of last year. You all know to what I refer, but let’s tread carefully. Fabio Capello was right to remove the captaincy from Terry and would be wrong to offer it back to him simply because England don’t have enough options in that department. Terry has earned back his captaincy to about the same degree that Ashley Cole has earned his firearm’s licence.

I’m not Terry’s biggest fan, I must confess – though I wasn’t one of those folks who thought he should have been banned from the England squad. I do feel however, that any England captain has a responsibility to project a certain image out to the public, to be, essentially, a role model. How John Terry is supposed to go about earning his forgiveness, I’m not quite sure, but I know that I can’t stomach the thought of him leading England out to face Wales (March 26) and Ghana (March 29).

Time they say heals all wounds. There hasn’t been enough of it.

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  • KyleC says:

    JT shouldn’t have lost the captaincy in the first place. Rio is never fit and Steven gerrard hasn’t exactly excelled in situations where he’s been the England captain.

    Terry is the best that England have.

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