As Mourinho seeks a move to England, what club needs him the most?


An article in The Sun today has a number of interesting quotes from Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho regarding a potential move back to England. The ex-Chelsea manager has told reporters,

“I miss England and my next job will be in England. There is unfinished business. And I think England wants me back, no? It was the most enjoyable time of my career.”

Though he is famed for his own ‘special’ brand of arrogance, I think it’s fair to say that England and the Premier League do want to see Jose Mourinho make a return. When he left Chelsea in 2007 to join Inter Milan, the EPL lost both a brilliant manager and a genuine character.

It is, by now, a well established fact that Jose Mourinho is one of the best managers in world football. This is a man who has found success wherever he has moved. Two years at Porto (between 2002-2004) saw him pick up two Portuguese League titles and – somewhat remarkably – the UEFA Champion’s League trophy. Three years at Chelsea saw (2004-2007) Mourinho collect two Premier League titles and an FA Cup. His two years at Inter Milan (2008-2010) saw him collect two Serie A titles and the UEFA Champions League trophy. Remarkable stuff.

Whilst his first season in charge of Real Madrid has yet to pay any silverware dividends, he is still in the running for the Copa del Rey, La Liga and the Champion’s League.

Essentially, this is a man with a great deal of pedigree. A man who could takeover at a big club such as Arsenal or Manchester United once their respective and well-respected managers retire or depart and maintain the respect of the fans. The likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Spurs and Liverpool could do a lot worse than Jose Mourinho. With that in mind, who needs him most?

Given Mourinho’s history with the club, it makes sense to start with Chelsea. Mourinho himself had this to say about the club:

“My Chelsea time was amazing as a football manager and family man. My family and I enjoyed it so much. We made so many friends here. We still keep in touch, we still come back. In football there are a few victories here I would like to repeat. I will talk to my agent and get a project for my career.”

That is, it seems, Jose Mourinho stating in no uncertain terms that he wouldn’t rule out a return to Chelsea. The desire to win the Champion’s League with Chelsea (something he didn’t quite manage first time round) may be enough to see the Special One make a return. However, given the fractious nature of his relationship with Roman Abramovich such a move may never materialise. Furthermore, given Jose’s tendency to move on to new challenges when he has achieved a certain amount of success with a club, I wouldn’t be surprised if his return to England saw him arrive at a new club.

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  • blahblah says:

    By all accounts Roman Abramovich and Jose Mourinho get on well. The Russian owner even bought a limited edition Ferrari after Jose left Chelsea.

    Can’t see him at Manchester City – expensive joke and may not qualify for Champions League football.

    Jose is in his own words still ‘in love’ with Chelsea and wouldn’t wish to ruin his relationship with the Chelsea fans, so that effectively rules out City, Arsenal, Tottenham and Liverpool completely, especially as he said he’d not manage a rival of a former club.

    Manchester United is the only English club he’d go to apart from Chelsea, in my opinion, which rules out City again as any job there would basically end any chance of that happening.

    He won’t wait too long. His relationship with Valdano is fractious, not his relationship with Abramovich.

    Arnesen, who was his enemy at Chelsea is going, Grant is no longer around, Ancelotti is destined for Roma, Abramovich doesn’t fancy the likes of Rijkaard etc and Mourinho still owns his house in London – make what you will of that.

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