‘No winter signings’ states Wenger…is he having a laugh?


Written by Tony Merakli

According to , Arsene Wenger has stated that he is NOT intending to sign any players in the January transfer market, leaving many fans (including myself) in amazement and somewhat disbelief.

The winter window is fast approaching, and as usual many high profile players have been linked with a move to the Emirates Stadium this January.

However, speaking exclusively to yesterday, Wenger declared that he will not bolster his current squad unless injury strikes. He said on the matter:

“I want to keep my squad and I want to continue with these players. We will not be on the market unless we lose some.”

I am struggling to understand the Frenchman’s thoughts behind his recent statement. Unless injury strikes? Do we not have Thomas Vermaelen out with a long-term injury? Is our defence not shaky Wenger? I agree that we do have fine squad depth from previous years, but can Wenger honestly tell us that our team doesn’t need strengthening this January?

In my opinion, Arsenal have done better than expected so far this season, but like many, still see the recurring cracks in the team. We might be banging in the goals, but we are also letting in to many, especially at home.

19 goals have been leaked after just 15 Premier League games, and many of them have cost us crucial points this season. A centre-back must be bought in to solidify the back-line whilst Vermaelen is out (and even when he is fully fit). New arrivals Laurent Koscielny and Sebastien Squillaci have done an adequate job, but both still look suspect at times.

Lukasz Fabianski has certainly impressed since his dire displays last season, but (for me) a more experienced keeper needs to be acquired so that the Pole can learn off him, because lets face it, Manuel Almunia isn’t exactly a class act now is he?

Many Arsenal fans are happy with the firing power the Gunners have at their disposal, but frankly we still need a top-notch striker, or one that is better than Nicklas Bendtner. Yes we have scored 32 goals so far, but with Robin Van Persie labelled as an injury-prone player and Bendtner not good enough, we need someone to challenge Marouane Chamakh for his spot.

At the end of the day, we have a big squad, but most of our players are simply not good enough or are struggling to adapt. Personally, I think Wenger needs to get rid of three players and bring in three new faces (a goalkeeper, centre-back and a front-man).

Wenger latest statement will not go down well with a majority of the Arsenal faithful, as they will probably have the same mindset as me. Wenger’s refusal to spend money this January (unless injuries transpire) will have Arsenal fans either agreeing with their manager or cursing him…just like me.

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  • Harry Barracuda says:

    You may be more vocal, but don’t assume you and your big-mouthed moaning minnie friends are in the majority.

  • shadi says:

    useless post

  • Willo says:

    I think Wenger knows a bit more than a tugmutton like yourself. But hey, juvenile, delusional, fair weather fans like yourself have to voice their opinions somewhere. Who you supporting next season?

  • oz says:

    the rumour going around is that hes already agreed to get a player in jan.

  • Stroller says:

    So ‘most of our players are simply not good enough’? I really wonder how we have managed to be a point off leading the premiership with such a bunch of no-hopers led by a skinflint manager. Let’s go out and buy another centre back because we only bought two a few months back. Let’s buy another forward because we’ve already got two internationals in Van Persie and Bendtner coming back from injury. I have to say that this is the most reasoned and articulate article from a 5 year old I’ve read in a long time.

    • Leslie Issigonis says:

      Well said Stroller, I could not have expressed my opinion any better. I wish that the real Gunners would stop acting as managers – after all in Wenger I believe we have the best – and instead voice their support during the games!

  • Guna says:

    Are you serious? what a load of shite.

  • Phillip says:

    I agree with Stroler. I am sick and tired of all this ‘BUY BUY BUY’ nonsense. We have a big and very talented squad, lots of cover in most positions (keeper the possible exception), and relatively few injuries. Anyways, panic buys in January are NOT the solution to our defensive frailties. There is always the very real possibility that any new signing would need time to adjust and bed in. And remember: This is REAL life, not some computer game. Even if AW wanted to buy, who says he could find top quality in the January transfer window? WHO would you buy? I don’t see any interesting prospects up for sale right now – at least not anyone who could make an IMMEDIATE impact.

    We are not a the top of our game right now, but that is how it should be. We wouldn’t want to peak too early (as Chelsea did). Of course, I am not saying we shold throw away points just for the sake of it, but it is nice to know that Theo, RvP, Nick, Cesc – to name but a few – can do a lot more than we have seen so far this season. There are many reasons to be optismistic.

  • David G says:

    What a whiney load of bollocks. Get some bloody perspective mate.

  • denhen says:

    “I want to keep my squad and I want to continue with these players. We will not be on the market unless we lose some.”

    Wenger has had said the above statement for past few seasons. What happened at end of each season, your guess same just as mine….TROPHYLESS!

  • Shagx says:

    He really is having a laugh because we have a brilliant squad! We just need to sort out a few little details! No signings? I ain’t complaining! It’s funny how these so call fans always calling to buy buy buy! You must be blinded if you don’t see the quality of this squad!
    Real spent a lot of money and that got them nowhere, still got thrashed 5-0. Haha!
    Why don’t you go and support one of those teams instead?
    Maybe when you grow older a bit (when you are 10 years old?), you’ll learn something about football!

  • jena says:

    I totally agree with you man. its been the same story every season. we dont sign reinforcement which we glaring need and fail to win anything. The lessons should have been learned by now and you dont need to be a coach to see that Arsenal is short of quality in goalkeeping, Central defense and lack a top quality striker( i.e 25plus goals a season injury free striker). We have the numbers but dont have the quality to win. There are too many average to below average players in teh squad and Wenger should not take comfort in this. He must sell players like Bendtner, Alumnia, Diaby, Vela , Eboue and 1 of Koscienly or Squilaci. we can raise enough money to buy 2 or 3 quality players we need .

  • maxp says:

    Where does it say ‘most of our players are simply not good enough’ I’ve read the article twice and never saw it.
    Personally I couldn’t agree more with the article and I am not some come lately, glory hunting fan. I have supported the Arsenal through thick and thin, including the lean years between their first and second double.
    But you can’t say the central defenders are good enough without Vermaelen and if we had a really classy striker we would be untouchable and we can afford them. Not to mention the goalkeeping situation. Fabby has done well, but we could still do with someone better.

  • Tony says:

    @ Stroller – Squillaci and Koscielny have made a lot of mistakes, and I’ll bet they will produce more as the season rolls on. Bendtner is crap, RVP always injured. Chamakh cant be expected to play every game, and our striking resources aren’t exactly great. Denilson is rubbish, too slow and gets caught out on a number of occasions.
    All i’m saying is that a few (maybe not most as i wrote)of our players are not good enough (ones i already mentioned). This is just my opinion of course, so for you to start cussing is a bit ridiculous and ‘childish’ in itself. thanks for your comment though.

  • Bobby says:

    Wenger’s myopia continues to astonish me.

    I haven’t considered Arsenal a contender for the title all season long. Their goalkeepers will lead to dropped points and vital times and their backline is flaky. I like Vermaelen and Koscielny would turn out to be a good player, but both are the sorts who need a strong organiser next to them.

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