“The World Cup, supersized, with gravy on the side”


Football journalists are having a field day during the World Cup. Hundreds of writers from the British media have flown out to South Africa to give you their analysis on every second of action from the tournament. Most of the coverage is very similar though, providing us with the same content but just packaged slightly different. If you’re looking for something completely different, a viewpoint on the 2010 World Cup that you won’t find anywhere else and someone who tells it like it is, then Westwood’s your man!

During the 2010 World Cup Radio 1Xtra DJ Tim Westwood will be writing exclusively for the News of the World. The big dawg promises to turn your World Cup experience up to the max in his weekly column in which he airs his passionate football views. The straight-talking Westwood describes his own blog as “the World Cup, supersized, with gravy on the side!” His infectious enthusiasm for the game shines through, making his column truly unmissable. Say goodbye to bland football analysis and hello to Westwood’s unique take on the biggest football tournament in the world, the 2010 World Cup.

After Spanish rivals England’s 1-1 draw with the USA Westwood doesn’t pull any punches in his take on the match. He’s far from happy with the overpaid England stars and demands that they step up to the plat in their next match and reflect the passion shown by the fans. He’s embarrassed by the fact that we can’t beat a country who call football ‘soccer’ and calls for Rob Green to be selected against Algeria so that the West Ham ‘keeper is punished some more. Westwood has his own take on Fabio Capello’s exclusion of the WAGs as well.

To read Tim Westwood’s first contribution to his exclusive News of the World column in full head to:

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