A £17m move: Have Tottenham got their transfer priorities right?

Date: 5th March 2013 at 3:00 pm
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Eliaquim MangalaIf are to be a one-man team, at least that man is . The athletic Welshman is a constant threat for Spurs, with his seemingly unstoppable runs and precise finishing.

And whilst it’s not entirely fair to label Tottenham a one man team (there have been a few good performers this season and that’s the reason why Andre Villas Boas’ side are currently in third place), you can see why opponent fans have being willing to tarnish them with this brush.

Gareth Bale has saved Tottenham’s bacon on numerous occasions already this season. Whenever Spurs need a result, he seems to pop up with a little moment of magic.

But Spurs wouldn’t be so reliant on him if they had a proper attacking line-up. started the season well, but now seems to have converted back to his largely unreliable self. Injuries and imprecise finishing have seen his form dwindle down into nothing.

Then there’s Emmanuel Adebayor, the talented Toto striker, who can’t seem to put a toe right this season. We used to talk about Adebayor’s mercenary attitudes, now we don’t seem to talk about Ade at all. One of the game’s most divisive characters seems to have lost his flare.

For now, Gareth Bale seems capable of filling the void upfront, but it’s clear that this is an area that needs assessing by Villas-Boas.

So why is it then, that Tottenham are getting linked to an expensive defender, when they already have strength in depth in his area?

According to the International Business Times, Spurs are looking to secure a deal for defender this summer.

It’s also claimed that Tottenham have sent scouts to monitor the centre-back to see if he’s worth his hefty price-tag. It seems they’ve been impressed with Mangala, who has been a fixture in Porto’s side all season.

Which is all well and good. You can’t blame AVB for looking ahead and strengthening the squad. But you would have to assume that spending big on a defender would curtail Spurs’ ability to sign a new striker. Isn’t that where big money should be spent this summer?

After all, you get the feeling that it’s going to take a genuine talent to shake up the Spurs’ frontline – and that wont come cheap.

So maybe it’s right for Villas-Boas to give this one a miss?

What’s your take? Should Tottenham snap up this £17m talent?

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0 thoughts on “A £17m move: Have Tottenham got their transfer priorities right?

  • rob
    3 years ago

    Well the obvious likelihood is that it is paper talk and therefore BS. After all the papers have said in the last few weeks that Bale, Lennon, Walker, Lloris, Kaboul and AVB will all be on their way in the summer.

    If it is true then it must be assumed that one of Kaboul, Dawson or Caulker will be sold (Gallas is definitely going).

  • Beach Bum
    3 years ago

    adebayor seems to have lost his direction.He is not scoreing goals and is costing a load in wages.
    I think Spurs would be better off without him even to the point of offering him a free transfer
    Perhaps I am being too critical,but Defoe’s comtribution has been eratic.to succeed he has to use an inodinate amount of energy to make up for his shortness.I think he is getting to the age that he no longer wants to give that amount of dedication.I think that occasionally you will see it,but I thik that he is past his best and now would be a good time to sell him.So we need 2 new strikers.I am not well enough up in the world of football to suggest anyone,but I am sure they must be around.

    3 years ago

    If we were going to Porto there are plenty of other players there we WOULD be looking at. Mr Moutinho for one. Doubt this one has any legs as we do not need a Gallas replacement and Alberwield is available for a lot less.

  • patrick hw
    3 years ago

    Gallas is being released

  • Ray
    3 years ago

    We all know that Spurs have been linked with every Tom, Dick and Harry by various media throughout Europe and indeed the world. Very rarely has any of these links rung true,totally made up nonsense and when it doesnt happen, it’s Spurs snubbed again. Spurs already have 5 top notch centre backs, why on earth would they be interested in attaining another centre back?
    It wont be long before they link us with another goalkeeper despite the recent acquisition of the outstanding Hogo Lloris.
    We are also painfully aware that Spurs need a new forward line and the papers have been rammed packed with story after story that Spurs are interested in this person and that person. again it is all bull***t. Do you honestly think that Spurs would make it public knowledge who they were going after? The only reason the Damiao saga became public was the Brazillians mouthing off in the hope of bumping up the asking price for their player.
    I guess these bods have to write something to keep themselves in a job.

  • Messi
    3 years ago

    So you are stupidly saying Levy wants a defender ahead of an attacker. You Sir, are an idiot.

  • Ben
    3 years ago

    Am I the only one who thinks we are in desperate need of a left winger now Bale has set up home in the middle?

  • plpo
    3 years ago

    I would imagine AVB already has a shortlist of what he wants in Summer and that Levy will say is determined on where we finish. Gallas leaving doesnt present a need to acquire – AVB has said he wants to work with just 4 centre backs which we have. He will though look to offload Huddlestone, Livermore, Bentley, Townsend, and Ade (with Gallas thats got to be 300,000 a week) – with Holtby, Sigurdson, Lennon, Bale and Dempsey he will feel attacking midfield is good but with the reality Bale will get another salary hike means just 2 big name signings – I can see Moutinho or Diame as CM options – and Damaio again rekindled as striker option.

  • Rob
    3 years ago

    I too would imagine that AVB has a transfer wish list for next season, the calibre of player will depend on CL qualification. In my opinion, CB’s are not required. I think Kaboul & Vertonghen should be installed as the main duo once the former is back to full fitness. I think we should be looking at full back cover and even a new 1st choice left back, Benoit is mediocre at best, but would keep him in the squad. CM is not so much of an issue, Sandro & Dembele have been superb, not so sure about Scott Parker though, that said we do need a world class CM to be championship material. I think good wide cover is essential and a new 1st choice left sided forward / winger is very important especially if Bale is our new number 10. I think Townsend can do a job here and should be retained, plus he is young enough to develop. The obvious statement is that we desperately need a new 1st choice striker.

    In short;

    left back, left sided forward / winger, striker and perhaps central midfielder funds permitting.

    Bentley, Huddlestone and Gallas.

    Livermore, Parker, Sigurdson, Dempsey, Ade


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